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Friday, March 1, 2013

Foreign Affairs: War on Crime: Peter Andreas: Gangster’s Paradise: What Funds Crime in America

Gangster’s Paradise: Despite media hoopla, cross-border crime -- illegal drugs sales, evasion of taxes, intellectual property theft, and money laundering -- is hardly a new phenomenon. For much of history, moreover, the United States was as much perpetrator as victim. Recognizing this awkward truth should help cool down overheated debates about today’s transnational problems and how to respond to them.

Some may believe that the United States started its War on Crime in the 1930s with Edgar Hoover at the FBI or in the early 1970s. With President Nixon's War on Drugs as well as War on Crime and that to a large extent is true if you want to call these things wars. But wars don't tend to last that long and they are either won or lost and when you are in a war you do what it takes to win it. Or you lose the war and America has not done what it takes to take the War on Drugs for example. You can't win a War on Crime, so the point of even trying that is a waste of time, as long as there are people who think they can. Operate above the law in order to succeed in life and that laws don't apply to them. We are always going to have crime and we are going to have criminals but what you can do is lessen the effects of crime on. The country and have fewer criminals and these same principles apply to the War on Drugs. As long as there are people who want narcotics in America and I would add alcohol and tobacco as narcotics. Even if its not official, then we are going to have drugs in America.

As much as the United States spends in America, as well as Mexico, South America and so fourth. To prevent narcotics from coming into this country, which I believe is at least a borderline waste of money. The simple reason why we have narcotics in this country, is because we have the largest market in the World. For people who both want and can afford narcotics for either personal use or to sell them to make money off of them. Its that simple if the United States Government doesn't want narcotics in this country, then they should first look at their own people. To see why narcotics has such a large market in this huge country of 320M people that has to huge borders with two of the largest countries in the World. And sits between two of the largest oceans in the World and as long as so many Americans want narcotics. We are going to have narcotics in this country and it really doesn't matter how much America spends and. What types of military operations it invests in, narcotics will still be available in this country.

Narcotics like any other industry in America and it is an industry or business as illegal as it is. Operates on supply and demand meaning they are sold based on the demand for them. And are produced and brought into this country based on how many people want them and how much they want and are. Willing to spend on them, so if a government wants to eliminate them and not have narcotics and narcotic addicts in this country. Then they need to lessen and eliminate that demand, that is not have as many people who want them and believe they need narcotics. And you can only go so far and accomplish so much with law enforcement and military operations. You have to convince people that narcotics are a product they don't need and shouldn't want at all.