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Monday, January 14, 2013

Political Articles: Video: MSNBC: Politics Nation: President Obama's 2nd Term: A Vision For a Liberal Democratic President

American Presidents that get reelected have to be very careful about how they approach their second term. Because they become a lame duck president basically as soon as their second term begins and the new Congress is sworn in. And before the end of their first year of their second term begins, really by the time summer rolls around. And Congress takes its summer recess, the talk is already moving towards the mid term elections in the next year. And speculation about whose running for President and whose up and whose down especially if the. Vice President is expected to run which in Joe Biden's case is most likely happen and he'll be a very strong. Candidate because he's seen as a very influential and powerful Vice President and will probably have the endorsement. Of President Obama which will mean a lot if President Obama has an effective second term so two term presidents. Basically have to have a very good first few months of the second term and be moving the ball forward. And to do that second term presidents have to be disciplined and know what they want to accomplish in the second term. And only limit it to a few things that he believes needs to get done, rather then everything he wants to accomplish.

As a Liberal Democrat I would like to see President Obama focus on 3-5 things and try to get them accomplish in the first two years. And be a bold Liberal in these areas instead of playing safe and taking the best deal he can get at the end of the road. Deficit reduction has to be done in the next few months while the focus is still on President Obama. 2014 an election year will make it almost impossible to accomplish and if he and Congress can get this done by March. It will set up his second term to be very successful because it will allow for the economy to take off. And President Obama's plan and offer to Congress should be about 1T$ in savings from the defense. Budget and get us back to 2000 spending levels which means the draw downs from Afghanistan and Iraq. Would go towards deficit reduction rather then back into the defense budget and then look for savings in entitlements. Medicare and Medicaid end the money that goes to doctors and hospitals that subsidizes them for how much healthcare they provide. And instead only pay them based on how healthy their patients are instead which would save tax payers. A lot of money and have wealthy seniors pay more into Medicare and treat Medicare for them as a. Regular health insurer meaning they would pay for all of their benefits or their employer would contribute as well.

Tax reform should be about closing wasteful tax loopholes and treating investment income like income people make at a job. And tax it based on how much money people make with the income tax and eliminate corporate welfare. And the lower taxes on all business's that invest and create jobs in America and encourage them to invest and create jobs in America. If President Obama can accomplish this which I admit would be a huge lift but if he does this he would then. Be able to put deficit reduction aside and finally be able to focus on his other priorities like. Infrastructure investment and broader economic and job growth creation but these things won't happen. Without a plan to get the debt and deficit under control but if that happens he can then move to create a plan. Of somewhere in the neighborhood of 1T$ over 5-10 years in needed infrastructure investment that should be paid for. As well as creating a national energy policy that moves us towards energy independence by investing in all of America's natural resources.

If President Obama can get deficit reduction accomplish in a balance way that actually gets the job done. Without harming entitlements and national security but just by making them more cost effective and affordable. Or tax reform that doesn't hurt the middle class by having them pay more in taxes, it opens up the rest of the playing field. To things like infrastructure investment, energy independence and comprehensive immigration reform. Things that any real Liberal Democrat believes in that President Obama believes in as well. And if he accomplishes these things, it will be a very successful second term assuming there aren't. Some new crisis or something that drags his Presidency down.