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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Mel Kyche: The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw 1958- Jayne Mansfield's San Francisco

Source:Mel Kyche- Hollywood Babydoll Jayne Mansfield, singing San Francisco, in The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw, from 1958.
Source:The Daily Press

"Jayne Mansfield dans "The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw."

From Mel Kyche

The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw is a pretty good movie, but it was a great movie for Jayne Mansfield. Because it displayed all of her talents. She really wasn’t a Hollywood bimbo, but she wanted people to believe that for some reason and make money from it. She was very intelligent and talented and knew what she was doing, at least most of the time when she was sober. And had great comedic, as well as singing and dancing talents, that allowed her to do so many different things.

Jayne, could’ve been a full-time actress, singer or comedian, but instead used all of those talents generally at the same time. And as a result made a big star for her herself. And it is too bad she just didn’t live much longer, instead of dying at the age of thirty-four in 1967. Had she took care of herself, she might still be performing today in her early eighties.

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