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Friday, March 8, 2013

ABC News: Economy: Susanna Kim: February Jobs Report: Unemployment Falls to 7.7 Percent With 236K Jobs Added: Job Growth Moving Forward

February Jobs Report: Unemployment Falls to 7.7 Percent - ABC News

This is the best jobs report America has seen in about two years with serious job growth that moves us back towards where we were in 2006 and early 2007. With over two hundred thousand jobs which is where we need to be to move the unemployment rate down and having people not just looking for work. Which is good but actually finding work which is even better and creating more customers with money to spend. Which leads to better economic growth and even better job growth and actually helps us bring down our debt and deficit. With more people spending money and more people paying taxes especially income taxes and fewer people collecting public assistance. Which means we have a higher demand in the private sector with more people with money to purchase goods and using that money to purchase goods. And fewer people collecting public assistance which is he we get back to a full economic recovery. And not just an economy thats out of recession but not growing much.

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