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Monday, February 4, 2013

VOA News: Video: John Kerry Begins Work as Secretary of State

If you look at where America was four year ago when it came to foreign policy. We were dealing with two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and Moamarr Kadaffi was still in power in Libya. And Bashar Assad still had a firm grip on power in Syria and Hosni Mubarak still had a firm grip on power. In Egypt, these three men were all Arab dictators, Tunisia and Yemen were still controlled by. Authoritarian regimes as well, this has all changed where now those countries at least have a shot at Democracy and freedom. What the people in these countries will do with those opportunities will be up to them but they didn't have that four years ago. So John Kerry as the next Secretary of State will be inheriting trouble from what happened from the. September, 11 attacks in Libya but he'll also be inheriting a different World and a World with more opportunities to push the. Cause of Democracy and freedom around the World because he'll have new partners around the World. Who at least believe in a certain level of freedom for their people and that Authoritarianism needs to. Go or at least be scaled back so the people have an opportunity to make a life for them self.

What President Obama will have in John Kerry as Secretary of State and Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense. Is two men to go along with his Vice President in Joe Biden who all believe in a strong defense. And that we have to do everything we can to protect the security of Americans within reason that doesn't violate our freedom and Constitutional rights. But that there's a limit to what America can do on its own around the World with just our military. And that we need partners around the World to work with us to fight against brutal Authoritarians. Who are holding their people down and beating them down because they seek to have the freedom. That most Western countries have and that America can't do these things on our own. And that countries who have the resources to must do what they can to defend them self as well. A policy that was put in place by President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton already.

This is what Liberal-Internationalism looks like that you need to be strong at home as well as abroad. But that you can't do everything on your own, we simply don't have the resources to police a planet this size. Especially with our current economic and financial situation and that we need partners around the World. To help us with the cause of freedom and this is what new Secretary of State John Kerry will be pushing for.

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