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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Vicki McKenna Show: Video: "Liberals Don't Care About Black People": Why African Americans Tend to Vote Democratic

Before I get into the nonsense that Liberals don't care about African Americans. Which is one of the dumbest things I've ever heard, I'll explain why African Americans tend to vote. Democratic and for the most part it goes back to the 1960s with Jack Kennedy who went after their support. And recruited African Americans to his campaign when he ran for President in 1960. And that even though President Kennedy was slow to coming around in favor of civil rights and actually. Sending a bill to Congress and pushing for it before he was assassinated in 1963. He was still in communication with African Americans and had African Americans on his staff working for him. In his administration so a Liberal-Democrat just reaching out to this community that was going. Through hell in this country especially in the South and treated like second class citizens. Or people who weren't even citizens at all in the United States. And then you have the civil rights laws of the 1960s from President Johnson and then the. Great Society to address poverty in America where back then 1/2 African Americans lived in poverty. You can argue about how successful War on Poverty has been but at least the effort was being made.

African American recruitment to the Democratic Party continued with Hubert Humphrey running for President in 1968. George McGovern running for President in 1972 and perhaps the only smart policy he had in that campaign. Making the smart political calculation that because of the civil rights laws of the 1960s. Knew that the Democratic Party had lost the South and the South was going to become safe Republican territory. Knew that the Democratic Party was going to need new voters similar to where the Republican Party is today. Because of all of the Southern Caucasians that were headed towards the Republican Party. Changed the Democratic Party rules to bring in more women and African and Latin Americans to the party to help make up the. Difference of all of the Southern Caucasians that were becoming Republicans. Keep in mind up until the 1960s the Republican Party was pretty competitive with the African American vote. Because they were the party of Lincoln and now have becoming the party of the Confederacy ever since.

As far as Liberals who don't care about African Americans, well I'm a Liberal and I care about all people no matter of race. Which is one of the values of Liberalism if you look at it in its classical terms. Because I take the Martin L. King dream of don't judge people but the. Color of their skin but by the content of their character and care deeply about poverty. But not just as it relates to African Americans but all people including Southern Caucasians and other. Caucasians who live in poverty in other rural areas in this country. And so do many other Liberals like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama and others and believe in what's called the. Americans dream the ability for one to be successful in life and be able to chart their own course. And that if you really do care about poor people, you support policies that lift people out of poverty. That empower them to be able to achieve the American dream on their own. And not just support people by meeting their basic needs but actually helping them get themselves. Out of poverty.

I do agree with one thing that Democrats have a habit of taking African Americans for granted. Because the Democratic Leadership tends to take this view that since African Americans have nowhere else to go. That Republicans have essentially given up on them as far as them coming back to the Republican Party. So that Democrats don't really need to address the issues of African Americans because again this community has nowhere else to go. And thats a danger for this community so they need be aware of this and address that. But the problem is there's not much incentive for African Americans to become anything but Democrats right now.

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