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Saturday, February 16, 2013

PotTV Network: Video: Mandatory Minimums and Your Medical Cannabis Business: The War on Marijuana

Just when you think Canada at least with their Federal Government is more Liberal then America and our Federal Government on social issues. And perhaps as it relates to narcotics, Canada has a War on Drugs including marijuana as well. And they have things like mandatory minimum sentences where so called offenders can be sentenced to prison. And have to serve a certain amount of time in prison if you posses a certain amount of lets say pot and of course heroin. Cocaine and meth as well but if you posses a case of wine or beer and you are twenty one or over at least in the. United States you wouldn't have any legal consequences come down on you unless you posses that alcohol for the purpose to sell to people who are under twenty one. In America and perhaps in Canada as well, if you are caught with lets say ten ounces of marijuana. Or cocaine, you could be looking at 3-5 years in prison and you are caught and convicted of attempting to sell those drugs. You are probably looking at a longer time in prison.

Here's just an example of why the War on Drugs in America is stupid and why our so called criminal justice system is not much smarter. And why we have so many people who are currently doing time in prison right now. People who could otherwise be producing and working for the country and contributing positively to society. Instead of taking up space in a jail or prison cell living freely if you want to call that living. Off of people who work for a living when these inmates who don't represent a threat to society. And are only in prison for possessing or attempting to sell narcotics and in an era of high debt and deficits in America. Where we have to get these things under control for the long term health of our economy. We need to look at the War on Drugs and what's clearly not working there and where we can save money by ending. This bogus war that should've never been started in the first place.

If we simply just treated marijuana like alcohol in America and transfered our current War on Drugs prison inmates. Who are only in prison for using or possessing marijuana to halfway houses to use as an example. Where they would work and pay rent there as they transition back into society. We could cut our prion population by hundreds of thousands of people and save billions of dollars every year. And collect tens of billions of dollars in tax revenue. But thats if we treated narcotics in this country based on intelligence instead of ignorance.

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