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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

MSNBC: Video: State of The Union Address: Full Speech: 2/12/2013: Making The Case For Liberal-Democracy

To put it simply I believe that President Obama gave a classical Liberal-Democratic speech tonight and I mean that in the best sense. Remember I'm a Liberal-Democrats and proud of that but let me explain what I mean by that even further. This speech tonight was the closest speech that Barack Obama has ever sounded to President Bill Clinton. But that instead of President Obama saying "that the era of Big Government is over". Looking back at that line from 1996, President Clinton was really just stating the obvious and something that really ended when. Richard Nixon became President in 1969 that we really haven't had a Progressive or Social-Democratic President since. So that era has been gone for a while but what President Obama spoke in terms of was what's called Smart Government. That we need a limited Federal Government to do the things for society that the private sector won't or can't do or do as much. That we need to be done for a functioning society to be functional in a Liberal-Democracy.

I disagree with what CNN analyst John King who I normally like and do respect when he said that President Obama gave the country and Congress. A laundry list of new programs that he wants to be passed but what the President was talking about. That what we need government to do are the things that they are already doing but to do them better and smarter and be more efficient. Which is another thing that Smart Government is about which isn't big or small but limited to doing the things that we need it to do. But we need it to do those things well especially in an era of deficit reduction and as it relates to the economy. We especially need government to do these things well to promote economic and job growth. Which we can't without get to deficit reduction without people making and spending more money with more people working and more. People working good jobs but only do those things and also don't get in the way or stall economic and job growth.

This was not a New Deal or Great Society Progressive or Social-Democratic big speech. Where one of the famous lines is that the era of Big Government is back as bad as Progressives may want. For that to come back but again what did President Obama talked about and it wasn't a laundry list. He talked about the need for new infrastructure investment to all of the work and that the Core of Engineers says we have to do. And we have a 1T$ hole in infrastructure in and that we need a comprehensive immigration reform plan. That brings more high skilled workers into America, as well as workers to do the jobs that Americans simply won't do. And to bring in these workers in this country legally and bring our illegal workers out of the closet so to. Speak under certain conditions and that we reform our public education system so our students have the resources to be successful in life. And be able to go to the school thats best for them and have a teacher thats qualified to teach them and that we can fund our schools. In a fairer way.

The other thing that the President talked about was creating a national energy policy that moves. America towards energy independence by investing in American natural resources. So tonight wasn't some new welfare state speech creating all of these new programs and. Investing all of this money in current New Deal or Great Society programs but a real. Liberal-Democratic speech based on a smart limited government to only do the things that the country needs it to. Do and I believe the President hit this speech out of the ballpark but thats me.

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