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Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Economist: Video: Europe: Italy's Close Election Race: Silvio Berlusconi's Incredible Comeback

Italy sounds similar to a lot of the other Socialist Republics in Europe. That rely too much on the state to take care of its people and run their lives for them especially as it relates to. The economy where Italy really needs is not to necessarily adopt the American model. But they do need some type of Liberal economic model and liberalize their economy where the people have the. Economic freedom to chart their own course in life and make out of it what they put into it. With a strong foundation that drives economic and job growth. Like a strong education and infrastructure system, a tax code that promotes economic and job growth and success. And a safety net that helps people who fall through the cracks of Capitalism and empowers them to get. Themselves back up so they can take care of themselves again. Instead of centralizing so much power with the Federal Government to run the lives of roughly sixty million Italians in Italy. But empower Italians to make more of their own economic decisions.

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