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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

ABC News: Video: Good Morning America: 2013 State of The Union Address 2013 Preview

This will be the first time I've done this as a blogger but today I'm going to write a preview of what. I believe President Obama will say and should say tonight at his State of The Union address and then after the speech I'll write what I think about it all in the same day.

At risk of sounding repetitive but its important because the State of The Union address. Is an opportunity and again only an opportunity for the President of The United States to layout. What the situation of the country is, where we are doing well, where we are lacking, what we need. To work on, what we should do about it and so fourth and then its up to the situation of the. Country as well as up to the President at the time situation politically. His approval rating, the situation in Congress both House and Senate and where they stand and then of. Course the communication skills of the President that will determine his ability to get any of his agenda through Congress or not. And President Obama right now is a perfect example of that. He's up in the polls, his party has a significant majority in the Senate but not large. With a weaken Republican Party at least looking to work with him in the Senate. And even though he still has a Republican House, he has a large Democratic minority there with a weaken. Republican Party that seems ready to work with the President at least as it relates to deficit reduction. Immigration reform and perhaps even infrastructure investment.

So far in 2013 President Obama is off to a good start in Congress. The Senate approved his Secretary of State nominee John Kerry overwhelmingly and about to approve his. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel with what I believe will be a significant majority as well. The Senate has a Bi Partisan agreement on comprehensive immigration reform that looks similar to what the. President laid out last week, the Senate this afternoon passed the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act. And the Republican House is going to have their won reauthorization of that bill as well. And they are working on a Bi Partisan comprehensive immigration bill to, so things right now politically look like they are in Democratic territory. And even though Democrats don't control both chambers of Congress to go along with President Obama. They have a Republican opposition that knows its weaken with the results of the 2012 elections. And that they need to work with Democrats and look productive and bring in new voters.

With economic growth actually shrinking in the last quarter of 2012 for the first time since early 2009. This is of course a problem for President Obama and we obviously don't want to go back in recession. But it also presents an opportunity for the President to focus on the economy and do things there that could boost. Economic growth as it relates to tax reform that would cut waste in the tax code and encourage business's to invest and hire more in America. As well as comprehensive immigration reform where he's already off to a good start in both the. House and Senate with Bi Partisan agreements about to be reached that would bring in more high skilled workers. As well as other workers who'll do the jobs that Americans won't do. As well as developing an energy policy that would move us towards energy independence. Then of course he should talk about the upcoming sequester and how we can avoid that and he's already in. Talks with the Democratic Leadership in the Senate and they'll have a bill to avoid the sequester ready by Thursday.

I expect and believe that the President will focus on the economy tonight as I believe he should. In the areas of tax reform, infrastructure investment, energy policy and comprehensive immigration reform. And he has a good shot at seeing movement on all of these issues in the Democratic Senate especially with its new rule changes. And a Republican Minority that at least seems willing to work with Senate Democrats so they won't actually have to debate. Against bills that are actually popular with Leader Harry Reid now being able to bring legislation. To the floor almost by himself and then we'll get to see how the Republican House responds to. Whatever legislation that the Senate passes but President Obama will have a very good. Opportunity to push for a Liberal-Democratic agenda tonight and we'll see how much success he has with the speech tonight.

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