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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Midweek Politics: Video: GOP Senator Who Never Served Says John Kerry & Chuck Hagel Not Fans of Military: Chuck Hagel's Reality Based Conservatism

I almost have to laugh at how some of the Republicans on the Senate Armed Services Committee today are treating Chuck Hagel. Vietnam War Veteran who represented Nebraska in the US Senate from 1997-2009, including twelve years on the Foreign Relations Committee. Oh by the way whose also a Conservative Republican who looks up to people like Barry Goldwater and Ron Reagan. I almost have to laugh at how the Republicans are treating him today. Including Senator Jim Inhoffe the Ranking Member of Armed Services, who called Senator Hagel an appeaser. Because of stances he's taken on Israel and Iran but thats more of a reflection of how far to the right. The GOP
has moved where Goldwater/Reagan Conservatives almost look Moderate in todays Neoconservative Confederate. Republican Party but just because the GOP has moved to the right doesn't make Senator Hagel a Moderate. Because he's already Conservative, it means that the GOP is further to the right today and more ideologically based. And less based on realty, Republican Senator Roy Blunt was the only Republican so far today thats treated Chuck Hagel with a decent amount of respect.

Chuck Hagel is not a Moderate but just because you are a Conservative or Liberal, doesn't mean you ignore reality and facts. It doesn't mean you change your philosophy but you have to be able to adjust your views on issues when facts change. Especially in areas of foreign policy and national security when lives and the health of people are at risk. And when you are talking about an annual budget for defense of 700B$, you need to know if that money is being spent. Well and if all the money we are spending on defense and in the rest of the Federal Government is well spent or not. Thats just one area that separates the Barry Goldwater's and Ron Reagan's both military veterans and the Chuck Hagel's of the World. From todays Neoconservatives who have such a military first based foreign policy that judges national security. Almost solely on how much we spend on it, rather then is all of that money being spent well or not. Thats what separates Neoconservatives from the Barry Goldwater's, Ron Reagan's and Chuck Hagel's of the World.

Thats why Chuck Hagel was nominated by President Obama to be Secretary of Defense, along with having similar. Views of foreign policy both believe in having a strong defense but that there' a limit to what we can do with our military alone. And that we have to be careful with how we deploy or troops, sailors and pilots. And that we have to treat these people as well as we can and part of that is not sending them everywhere around the World. And that we also have to spend those dollars wisely.

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