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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

AP: Video: News: US Senator Menendez: "Lightning Speed Approval For John Kerry": The Future of the Obama Doctrine

To put myself on the record, I thought Senator Kerry or Senator Dick Lugar even though he's a Republican. Was the best choice to be President Obama's first Secretary of State back in 2009. Not that Hillary Clinton wasn't qualified for the job, she clearly was and still is. And has served President Obama and the United States well in that position but she wasn't the best choice for. Secretary of State based on qualifications, experience and judgement and so fourth. She was the best choice for political reasons because the Obama White House needed Senator Clinton out of. Congress because she represented the biggest threat to President Obama being reelected because of the state of the Republican Party then and now. Even four years ago it was hard to find a way for Mitt Romney could defeat Barack Obama because of how the far-right feels about Governor Romney. As well as Mitt's disapproval rating nationally and of course the auto bailouts and how that. Prevented so may jobs from being lost in Ohio and Michigan that Mitt was against and basically gave. The President two states that should've been competitive for Republicans especially with Republicans governors.

So nominating Senator Clinton for Secretary of State a job she was clearly qualified for. Eliminated Barack Obama's toughest hurdle to being reelected and prevented any chance of him. Getting a real primary challenge in a weak economy from the only Democrat that could raise the money to do it. And represented enough Democrats that could give the President a real primary challenge and force the President. To spend real money early on money that he ended up spending against Mitt Romney early on and defining the Romney campaign. When they didn't have the resources to fight back because they were facing Rick Santorum who has a strong appeal. With blue collar Republicans in the Southeast and Midwest.

As far as John Kerry now he's the best choice to be Secretary of State both politically and when it comes to policy. No one in Congress right now or in the US Foreign Service or out of it has a better resume or is more qualified. Has more connections and friends and with foreign leaders and diplomats then Senator Kerry. And understands that you have to a complete foreign and national security policy, someone whose qualified. To be Secretary of State, Defense, Director of National Security, Secretary of Treasury. Knows you have to be strong at home first to be as strong oversees as possible, that the military always has to be an option. But when you use what Secretary of Clinton calls soft power effectively, diplomatic power. Working with your allies, strengthening developed nations, while promoting Democracy there. That you can avoid future military conflicts.

With John Kerry as Secretary of State and Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense. President Obama's national security council will be complete with people who agree that America. Has to be strong when it comes to national security but that there's a limit to what our military. Can do by itself and there's a limit to what America can do by itself and that we also have to be. Strong at home as well as abroad and that foreign policy is also economic policy. Which are just some of the reasons why John Kerry is the perfect choice to be President Obama's. Secretary of State.

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