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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

AP: Raw Video: House Minority Leader Pelosi Calls for Vote on Extending Most Tax Cuts

Whatever you think of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and as a Democrat I've had my ups and downs. With her myself when she was Speaker and now once again as Minority Leader but whatever you think of her. There's one thing at least that I believe she deserves to be credited with, she's one of the most effective Leaders in Congress. House or Senate, she really knows her caucus well and what she can get out of them, where she can push them. And where she needs to back off, she knows how diverse they are, with classical Liberals people such as myself. And Representative Jared Polis and others, as well as the Progressive Caucus and the Blue Dogs. And when you have a caucus thats this diverse ideologically, she have to find ways to bring them together. To be able to push any agenda, because these three factions simply have different ideological approaches. When it comes to the issues.

I say this, because I don't believe the Minority Leader would be pushing. This discharge petition to bring the middle class tax cuts for a vote in the House, if she at least didn't. Have a united caucus behind this and the belief that she could pickoff enough Republicans to get this passed on the House floor.