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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

AP: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to Announce Plans Wednesday

I believe House Minority Leader Pelosi is one of the most skillful Leaders in Congress, House or Senate. And in either party but there comes a point where you either move on or you get moved out of the way. House Democrats under Minority Leader Pelos's leadership were not successful in winning back the House. They needed a pickup of twenty five seats and as it stands now with about half a dozen seats still in play. They are eighteen short in an election where the Republican Presidential and Vice Presidential nominees were running on a plan to turn Medicare into a. Voucher system and when the GOP is about s unpopular across the board except for maybe Caucasian voters. As they were unpopular when President Bush stepped down, House Democrats ran on Medicare, raised a tone of money. Either matched or came real close to what House Republicans raised, despite being in the minority but didn't put up very good candidates in a lot of cases. Even though sixty two Tea Party Republicans were up for reelection in 2012.

I would like to see Minority Leader Pelosi step aside and watch House Democrats bring in new leadership. I love Jim Clyburn whose the Assistant Minority Leader and fellow Marylander Steny Hoyer the Minority Whip. But House Democrats badly need some new blood with their top three Leaders all over seventy years old. And someone like Xavier Becera whose the Vice Chairman of the Democratic Caucus, whose in his mid fifties, a very bright politician and policy maker. Would bring in the new blood that House Democrats need.

VOA News: Despite Political Divides, Syria's Kurds Want Autonomy

The future for the Kurdish people maybe a United Kurdistan, which would include parts of Iraq, Syria and Turkey.

The New Republic: Lydia DePillis: "Republicans Can’t Afford To Ignore Cities Anymore"

Republicans Can’t Afford To Ignore Cities Anymore | The New Republic

Richard Nixon's southern strategy was very successful in the late 1960s and early 1970s, because there was this. Huge base of Caucasian voters especially in the South, who weren't happy about the 1960s and how America had changed. And was still changing especially from where we were in the 1950s as a nation and the South wanted to backlash against Liberal Democrats. Who were taking America in a different direction, a direction we've been moving ever since culturally and Dick Nixon being the brilliant politician. That he was and of course a Republican who wasn't part of the 1960s generation and grew up in an America. That was much different from when Dick Nixon's World War II generation and their kids experienced. This was a very effective strategy because back in the late 60s and early 70s, Caucasian Americans and perhaps. Especially even Caucasian men were the overwhelming majority of the voting electorate.

The reason why the southern strategy for the GOP wouldn't work today, is because this same base of voters. Is dying off and they aren't being replaced ideologically and culturally, there kids even are growing up in different times. When they are experienced with all sorts of new voters and new Americans and new lifestyles and are much more Liberal-Libertarian. As a voting block, which is something that Barack Obama picked up on in 2008 and again in 2012 and why he was elected President overwhelmingly. By these voters in 2008 and reelected in 2012 and the GOP has yet to adjust to the point that can make them. Competitive not just with these new voters long term but competitive period as a party long term as well and. Is something they are going to have to do and be successful as well to remain relevant in America.

The Hill: Russell Berman: Norquist Tax Pledge Takes Election Hit

Norquist tax pledge takes election hit - The Hill

The death of the Norquist tax pledge?