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Friday, November 9, 2012

Leathered Life: Michaela's Black Leather Suit

This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Press: Leathered Life: Michaela's Black Leather Suit

Short quick video. Perhaps a little redundant to say that this video is both short and quick. Unless the video was short vertically or something, but you get the idea. And no I haven’t seen a tall video yet. But I think you get a pretty good idea of what this women is wearing here and how good she looks. A black leather suit, with a black leather jacket, black leather jeans, black leather boots. A very sexy black day for this gorgeous women. As I said before you need the right body for leather jeans. Especially skin-tight or skinny leather jeans. The body is even more important in skinny leathers than skinny denims. Because even if you do have beautiful legs and a beautiful butt and leather jeans make your body look even better and tighter. But if you’re a little weak in the lower body and either overweight or underweight, skinny leathers will over highlight those weakness’. You’ll look even fatter or skinnier in skinny leathers if you’re overweight or skinny, because the pants ae made from such a thin material. The women you see in this video looks great in this leather suit, because she has great legs and a great butt. And those jeans and boots just showcases her physical qualities.

Slate: The GOP's Mad Rush To Embrace Immigration Reform

When even people at Fox News say its time for the GOP to speak to new voters and reform its message. You know its time for them to do so.

The Hill: Cameron Joseph: Senate, House Democrats Face Tough Election Fundamentals in 2014

Senate, House Democrats face tough election fundamentals in 2014 - The Hill's Ballot Box

If President Obama improves his approval rating and Democratic Senators represent their constituents and stay. Close to home and do well with fundraising, then Senate Democrats should hold their majority, maybe even add more seats. For House Democrats the road is much tougher because of all of the Republican Governors and Legislatures but if President Obama can have a successful two years. House Democrats could run with the President and maybe start a wave.