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Monday, October 29, 2012

CBS News: CBS News Bulletin: JFK Assassination Coverage 11/22/1963

America's Newsman
CBS News: CBS News Bulletin: JFK Assassination Coverage 11/22/1963

You hate to have something like a presidential assassination, or any assassination really have to be the test of the quality of your news coverage or not. But unfortunately greatness only tends to come in times of tragedy and when you’re tested. Times of war and being under attacked, when riots are going on, a death in the family, someone being out of work like your father, or another close relative and you don’t know what the future is going to look like and you fear for it. But unfortunately that is how humans tend to operate. When we’re not tested we tend to be somewhat lax and go back to our everyday normal activities.

And I think our network coverage from CBS News, perhaps especially as they were our biggest news operation back then and NBC News and even the much smaller ABC News, they were all really tested without precedent in how you cover a tragedy like this. No precedent in how you cover a presidential, or any other assassination in the electronic age of broadcast news and network news. All they had is the training and resources that they had to work with when. Which was make sure their people are on the story and getting the information needed and make sure the network executives are giving you the network air time to cover the story.

The JFK assassination is not the only reason why Walter Cronkite is America’s newsman and why we haven’t seen a network news anchor as good since. But it is certainly a reason, because you really got to see how professional and great he was and had to be and couldn’t afford any mistakes. You also got to see his human side especially when he announced the death of President John F. Kennedy. And you got to see how hard of an announcement it was for him to make. Cronkite, personally knew Jack Kennedy and personally liked him. So it must have been announcing the death of one of your friends on live on national TV. With millions of people watching you and he did it as well as it could’ve been done.

WCVB-TV News Boston: 1994 Romney-Kennedy US Senate Debate: Whose The Real Mitt Romney?

Whose the real Mitt Romney, thats the question of 2012, because no one may know, including Mitt Romney. Because he keeps bringing out new people and personalities and this is something that I don't believe the Obama Campaign has done a very effective job of exploiting so far. This debate from 1994 should be in campaign commercials all over the swing States, the Obama Campaign should be. Playing an ad like this all over Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina and Florida and then showing a commercial with Secretary Collin Powell endorsing President Obama. And also showing why Secretary Powell endorsed the President, one of those reasons having to do with the fact that Secretary Powell. Doesn't trust Mitt Romney because Governor Romney keeps changing his positions, at times he can't even keep the same position for an entire debate, this debate being a perfect example of that. Where he says Gays shouldn't be discriminated from anything based on their sexuality but in the next sentence says that the Boy Scouts have the right to prevent Gays from serving with them.

Whose the real Mitt Romney, is he someone who had certain positions on key issues 15-20 years and now. Has had second thoughts on them after seeing new information about those issues or is he someone whose multiple choice, takes out a new position to meet the new political realities. Like as it relates to abortion and Gay Rights, I don't believe anyone knows including Mitt himself and thats. The definition of a flip flopper and one reason why Mitt Romney would be dangerous as President of the United States, because Americans wouldn't have a very good idea in who they would be. Getting as their President and could be getting someone who simply changes their positions to meet the new political realities.

The Economist: US Election Latest: A Less Than Perfect Storm

I don't like putting hurricanes in political terms, especially when lives may be lost as a result of Hurricane Sandy. But this storm could benefit or hurt President Obama and more likely help President Obama, because he and his Administration have shown in the past that they know how to deal. With bad storms, Hurricane Irene in 2011 is an excellent example of that and this could be another opportunity for the President to look Presidential similar to when it comes to Foreign Policy. Issues that only a President can deal with, this is a storm that really can't benefit Mitt Romney other then using the opportunity to visit areas that are affected by the storm and reaching out. To those voters.

Economist Magazine released a poll today that suggested that we are heading for a split election, meaning that one candidate wins the Popular Vote and the other wins the Electoral College. In a split like that, the candidate who wins the Electoral College wins the Presidential Election, The Economist right now has President Obama winning the Electoral College. And Mitt Romney winning the Popular Vote.

The New Republic: Nate Cohn: Daily Breakdown: PPP Polls Show President Obama Ahead In Ohio And Florida

Daily Breakdown: PPP Polls Show Obama Ahead In Ohio And Florida | The New Republic

President Obama gets reelected and perhaps even comfortably electorally if these polls continue to hold. Ohio, Virginia and Florida are all States that Mitt Romney has to win, especially with President Obama holding strong in Wisconsin and Nevada.

The Hill: Amie Parnes: President Obama Taps President Clinton to Help Deliver Final Pitch to Swing-State Voters

Obama taps Clinton to help deliver final pitch to swing-state voters - The Hill - covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns and Capitol Hill |

President Clinton is simply a great weapon that Mitt Romney doesn't have that the Obama Campaign can use. Especially in swing States where President Clinton is still popular that he won when he was President. Republicans simply don't have a national figure that can appeal to that many voters, that Democrats have right now.