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Thursday, October 25, 2012

ABC News: Colin Powell Endorses President Obama

Colin Powell Endorses President Obama: Former Secretary of State Colin Powell has backed President Obama for a second term in the White House. “I voted for him in 2008, and I plan to stick with him in 2012,” Powell said this morning on CBS. The Republican crossed party lines four...

FRSFreeState: This should help President Obama with Independents and perhaps even open up a lead for him. When it comes to Independents, with Secretary Powell saying that he can't trust Mitt Romney, because he keeps changing his positions, remember General Powell was in the Army for over thirty years. And a big thing that he believes in is strong Leadership, that Leaders have to able to lead and lead, that they. Can't be jumping around with a new position whenever the polls change and I'm guessing it was the last. Presidential Debate when it was about Foreign Policy, where Mitt Romney was going out of his way to. Agree with President Obama on Foreign Policy, when in the primaries and weeks before the last debate, Governor Romney was calling President Obama a weak Leader and accusing him of not having a Foreign Policy. These are not things that someone like Collin Powell wants to hear, when he's thinking about who he should endorse for President of the United States, he wants to know if he can trust or not and he doesn't believe. That he can trust Mitt Romney right now.

AP: Tom Raum: Why It Matters: Candidates Debt Plans

Neither Mitt Romney or President Obama have a serious plan to reduce the debt and deficit, because they. Both know in order to accomplish it, it means doing things that are unpopular, like coming up with savings and reforms in entitlements, defense and the Tax Code. And taking on groups that aren't interested in any serious reforms in these areas, that result in these programs spending less. Then they are today which means both candidates have said is, trust me I have a plan I just can't show it to you until after the election.

The New Republic: Nate Cohn: Daily Breakdown: President Obama's Lead Persists In Ohio, Nevada, And Wisconsin Polls

Daily Breakdown: Obama's Lead Persists In Ohio, Nevada, And Wisconsin Polls | The New Republic

If the polls in Ohio, Wisconsin and Nevada continue to hold, then Mitt Romney is going to have to pickoff Michigan or Pennsylvania or both to win the election.

The Hill Cameron Joseph: Mitt Romney’s Standing Adds Uncertainty to GOP Quest to Control Senate

Romney’s standing adds uncertainty to GOP quest to control Senate - The Hill's Ballot Box

Mitt Romney would be very smart to stay away from some of the Far Right Tea Party candidates, who have made strange statements about rape and other Social Issues.