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Monday, October 22, 2012

FRSFreeState: New York Times: Romney Vs Obama Final Round: Presidential Debate: First Thoughts

Again I'm going to do what I did with the previous three debates, layout on this blog how I believe. President Obama did tonight and on my sister blog, where you can how Governor Romney did.

Again I'll go through what I believe President Obama needed to do to win the debate tonight and then. Explain how successful I thought he did tonight, I believe the President and Governor came into essentially a dead heat, basically a tie, perhaps a one point difference either way. I believe the President had to leave the debate looking the way he was going into it, which was Commander in Chief. Tonight was a Foreign Policy debate for the most part, with both men trying to bring in the economy, perhaps as it relates to Foreign Policy. For example for America to be strong abroad, we had to be strong at home, neither man use that line but that was the point that they. Were trying to make, as well as trade that trade relates to Foreign Policy and both men were talking about it, Foreign Policy is President Obama's strength so he needed to remind voters why its. His strength, mainly because of the success's he's had there but also because he has the job and is running against someone with no official Foreign Policy experience, which gave. President Obama an opportunity to show voters what it means to be Commander in Chief, what he goes through and why he's made the decisions he has.

Mitt Romney looked like someone who didn't want to debate Foreign Policy at all tonight and just agree. With a President who has a good Foreign Policy record, at least according to the polls, as often as he can and didn't do anything to layout contrast in what he would've done different as President. Which gave President Obama several opportunities to layout that Governor Romney might agree with me now but thats not his pass record when he was running for the. GOP Presidential Nomination and running for voters who are much further to the right politically. Then most of the country and the President pointed out that back in March, that Governor Romney said Russia is our number. Foe in the World and to point out that this is no longer. The 1980s, we've moved past the Cold War, its over our number one foe is Islamic Terrorism and Authoritarian States that seek to add. Weapons of Mass Destruction, including Nuclear Weapons and then pass those weapons out to terrorist groups.

Mitt Romney did not come to debate Foreign Policy, he knows the President has the clear advantage here. And that Mitt probably hasn't figured out yet what his Foreign Policy is or how it would be different from the President, which gave the President the opportunity to layout to the. Governor are you sure we agree here, because thats not what you said in the past and point out Mitt's inconsistencies, to put it nicely and the President scored big all night in that and thats. How the President won tonight and the only question is how will this debate effect the polls the rest of the way, we'll know more on that later this week.

ABC News: World News: Wisconsin Salon Shootings: 3 Dead, Alleged Gunman Radcliffe Haughton

You would think these shootings would be an opportunity to talk about Gun Control but President Obama. Has been very smart not to, because he doesn't want to lose any Independents in the Midwest who own guns.

The Hill: Third Obama-Romney Debate Sets Stage For Final Campaign Push

Third Obama-Romney debate sets stage for final campaign push - The Hill - covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns and Capitol Hill |

The last chance tonight for Mitt Romney and Barack Obama to speak to a very large audience and layout what. They plan to do as President in the next four years, perhaps as many as 60M people and layout what they want to do on Foreign Policy. The President should defend his record, when he needs to and layout exactly what his administration has accomplished so far and Governor Romney should finally layout what he. Believes when it comes to Foreign Policy and see if you speak past talking points, we should be strong, not negotiate out of weakness and so fourth and explain exactly what he means by that. And see if he can sound like his own man, rather then sounding like another George W. Bush, who committed us to two wars. In eighteen months and put both wars on the National Debt Card.