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Monday, October 15, 2012

AP: David Crary: Why It Matters: Abortion and Birth Control

If you are Pro Life, you should be in favor of Birth Control and keeping it legal. Because what does Birth Control do, it prevents unwanted pregnancies and what do unwanted pregnancies lead to, well. Abortions so with Birth Control, you would end up preventing abortions, something that Pro Lifers tend to be almost completely against but with Birth Control, Pro Lifers could get what they want. Which is a dramatic decrease in abortions in America.

The New Republic: "How The GOP Destroyed Its Moderates"

How The GOP Destroyed Its Moderates | The New Republic

See this is one thing that I tend to disagree with other Democrats on, I don't believe its Republican Centrism. That todays GOP is destroying, these so called Moderate Republicans, the Olympia Snowe's and Scott Brown's of the World. Who only look moderate compared with todays Neoconservative GOP, when in fact these so called Centrists, are really Goldwater,/Reagan Republicans, who want government out of the boardrooms. And bedrooms, who are Economic and Fiscally Conservative but also Socially Tolerant, who believe in things like Civil Liberties and that government shouldn't tell Americans how to live their lives. Unlike Rick Santorum Michelle Bachmann and many other Neoconservatives, who believe that government. Should set the direction in how Americans live their lives and that if anything, we have too much Social Freedom and that government should restrict and limit that.

ABC News: The Blotter: Brian Ross: Hezbollah: That Was Our 'Iran-Made' Drone Over Israel

Hezbollah: That Was Our 'Iran-Made' Drone Over Israel - ABC News

Iran planning new attacks on Israel?

The Hill: GOP, Dem Insiders Expect Better Second Debate Performance From President Obama

GOP, Dem insiders expect better second debate performance from Obama - The Hill - covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns and Capitol Hill |

President Obama will not only have to deliver a better debate performance Tuesday night, but he'll probably have to win it. Or at least come out of the debate with a tie, or it could be all she wrote for his reelection and the President blowing a golden opportunity to be reelected with a Democratic Senate. And perhaps even a Democratic House as well, with the way the polls been looking there lately. So the pressure tomorrow is on Barack Obama.