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Sunday, October 7, 2012

AP: Raw: Voters Go to the Polls in Venezuela

Chavez Socialism may be headed out of power in Venezuela and they become a real Democratic Republic. With power less centralized.

The Hill: Mitt Romney Vows to Press President Obama on Immigration Reform at Next Debate

Romney vows to press Obama on immigration reform at next debate - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room

This will be a challenge for Mitt Romney, because he needs a solid percentage of Neoconservatives, meaning. All of them, people who would prefer Rick Santorum or Michelle Bachmann, who have consistent records on immigration and aren't crazy about Immigration Reform, except for securing the borders. And he's probably going to need 30% or more of the Latino vote, people who generally would like to a more comprehensive approach to Immigration Reform and Mitt is going to have a real difficult time. Pleasing both but he's going to have to a find a way to, especially if Latinos show up in strong numbers to vote in November.