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Thursday, September 27, 2012

AP: Mitt Romney: "President Obama Cutting Military Commitment": What The President is Actually Doing and How to Reform the Defense Budget

Yesterday Mitt Romney actually said something truthful about President Obama, actually he's said three. Truthful things about the President this week alone and before this week, you would have to look real hard to find anything truthful that Governor Romney had said about President Obama. On Sunday night on CBS 60 Minutes, Mitt said that the President was a loving family man with a beautiful family. Or something to that effect and he said something very similar to that on Tuesday morning on the ABC The View, on Wednesday Mitt said that President Obama hasn't raises taxes in his first term. But today the old Mitt comes back and tries to put the blame on President Obama, for the sequester in 2011 as part of the 2011 Budget Control Act, the agreement that allowed. The Federal Government to raise the Debt Ceiling and what this sequester does, if Congress and the President fails to come up with someone like an additional trillion dollars in savings. To be used to pay down the National Debt, automatic across the board spending cuts in the Federal Budget would be put in place, as if this was President Obama's idea alone and House Republicans. Had nothing to do with it, the reason for the sequester has to do with, because Congressional Republicans, House and Senate refused to go along with any new additional revenue to be. Used as savings, including closing Tax Loopholes and of course Congressional Democrats would never go along with savings that only includes budget cuts to Social Insurance Programs, with defense. And its 700B$ budget off the table and nor should they.

So Mitt Romney's statement as usual was completely political, taking at best a half truth and trying. To use it to make President Obama look bad, he's soft on defense and so fourth, another attempt to make the President look like a Socialist, the President doesn't want to gut defense. Neither does the rest of the Democratic Leadership, Progressive Democrats perhaps but all Democrats. And even some Congressional Republicans like Senator Rand Paul, Senator Tom Coburn, Representative Walter Jones and others are looking to make savings in defense, stop us from going to. War every time there's some supposed crisis in the World, stop paying for the defense of Developed Nations that can afford to defend themselves and so fourth, move Americans past Cold War Defense. And into the 21st Century where for the most part where we are combating Terrorists Organizations, where we move quicker and are smaller and are targeted in hot spots around the World. Where these terrorists are trying to attack us and Americans around the World.

So when Mitt Romney makes a statement like that, its just another reason not to take him seriously. And just adds to the pattern and feeling who is this guy and what does he believe and so fourth, which is why he's having such a hard time connecting, even in States where Republicans. Tend to win, like Ohio, North Carolina and Virginia.

AP: Mitt Romney's Path to Victory Appears to Narrow

Its all about Ohio for Mitt Romney, he has to pull that out or he'll probably lose and lose the election overwhelmingly electorally.

The New Republic: Why Won’t Conservatives Denounce Voter Suppression?

Why Won’t Conservatives Denounce Voter Suppression? | The New Republic

I don't believe its Conservatives who are pushing Voter ID/Prevention, Right Wingers for sure but this is a cause. Of the Far Right, Neoconservatives who see these new voters as people who threaten them as far as staying in power and gaining power in the future and they are correct there, because young people aren't as nearly. As far to the right as the Neoconservatives and the other thing, Neoconservatives see these voters as Un American as well.

ABC News: The Blotter: Brian Ross: IR, US Flex Military Muscles in Persian Gulf

Iran, US Flex Military Muscles in Persian Gulf - ABC News

Hopefully cooler heads will prevail here and neither side is looking for war

USA Today: Mich. Cops to Look Under Driveway for Jimmy Hoffa

Mich. cops to look under driveway for Jimmy Hoffa

This is one of the most interesting stories I've seen in a while

The Hill: Former VP AL Gore to Lead Current TV Debate Coverage

Gore to lead Current TV debate coverage - The Hill's In The Know

Good to see Vice President Gore back in public