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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

FRSFreeState: AP: President Obama: "Rich Getting Richer Won't Help Economy": How to Create an Opportunity Society

There use to be a time where Republican Economics was about building an economy that did work everybody. That wasn't built around what government can do for the people at their expense but what the people could do for themselves, that believed in the little guy and girl, that celebrated success. But that people shouldn't get successful, by taking advantage of innocent people, that we could create a pot that could benefit the whole country, instead of the wealthy being able to take most. Of that pot and the benefits somehow trickling down to the rest of us. That changed when George W. Bush became President, now Republican Economics is how do we create as much wealth for the. Wealthy as possible, even if we have to raise taxes on the rest of us to pay for it and somehow that will benefit the rest of the country, because the wealthy will invest in new companies. That will create good jobs for the rest of the country, we've tried that before, it doesn't work at least not for more then a few years and then we run into economic trouble, to go along. With a huge debt and deficit.

People getting rich is not the problem, thats a good thing its good for people to be Self Sufficient. In life and have the freedom to take care of themselves, people getting wealthy by taking it out on the rest of the country, not creating new wealth but taking out of the same pot that. The whole country uses, is a problem and when that happens, we see very few people with a lot of money, with a lot of people struggling just to make ends meat, which is not good. In an economy like that, you have high unemployment and a lot of people living off of Public Assistance but. What we saw in the 1990s, was an economy where everyone got wealthier at all income levels and most of the country working, because we had an economy that created jobs, with strong Economic Growth. Where everyone paid their share of taxes and no one had to pay so much in taxes, that it discouraged Economic Growth, because of high tax bills.

What real Economic Freedom is, the ability for people to be as successful in life as their qualifications and production allows. And only taxed on their ability to pay what's fair but not to the point where people are discouraged from working hard, being productive and spending money. Economic Freedom is not where the wealthy pays as little in taxes as possible while the rest of us are struggling to pay the taxes we owe.

ABC News: Mitt Romney Behind President Obama in Key Battleground States According to New Polls

This is what a losing campaign looks like, you run out of things to say and start looking for new things to say. And perhaps end up saying so much, you start saying things, you wouldn't normally say, like President Obama not raising taxes yet. Without Ohio, Mitt probably needs a clean sweep and win the rest of the battleground States, where he's currently trailing in all of them. Not going to happen.

AP: IRI President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Calls for a New World Order

President Ahmadinejad's New World Order, sounds like a World where people wouldn't have to think or take care of themselves. Because the State would do that for them, this is a President who can't even run his own Administration, even though he's elected because the Supreme Leader in that country. Is a dictator that runs the whole government.

The New Republic: The Story Of The 2012 Race Is President Obama's Success In Ohio, A State He Was Thought To Be Weak In

The Story Of The 2012 Race Is Obama's Success In Ohio, A State He Was Thought To Be Weak In. What Explains For This? Here Are Six Theories | The New Republic

Republicans need to start considering doing what they did in 1996, essentially right off the Presidential Election. As a loss and start trying to secure and pick up as many seats in Congress as possible, to avoid a Democratic sweep.