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Friday, September 21, 2012

Wendell Willkie: Video: Defining Classical Liberalism for America

When you hear the term Classical Liberal today, it tends to be used to describe Libertarians, people who tend to be viewed as Right Wingers. When Liberals tend and correctly be viewed as Left Wingers, whereas Liberals today are people who are viewed as Progressives or Social Democrats, people. Who are Collectivists, that no one should have so much money that they shouldn't be dependent on the State, that wealth should be spread around so one has too much of it etc. And that it governments job to make sure these things happen, that people like George McGovern, Senator Bernie Sanders and Representative Jim McDermott are todays Liberals, people with this Collectivist. Mindset and people like Ron Paul are the Classical Liberals people who are really Libertarians but I would argue that Libertarianism, Liberalism and Progressivism are three different and separate ideologies. That Liberals and Libertarians are very close on Social Issues, more like Progressives on Economic Policy, that government does have a role in the economy but Liberals. Would differ on how large of a role that would be, that governments role in the economy is to protect innocent people from being abused and empower people who can't take care of themselves. With the power to become Self Sufficient.

Progressives have more of Statist approach when it comes to the economy and even on some Social Issues. Like we've seen in New York this summer, with the soda bans, crackdowns on marijuana and even pornography, thanks to the Mike Bloomberg Administration, that governments job really is. To look out for people and even prevent them from doing things that Progressives would view as harmful to them, whether its the economy or some of these Social Issues, Liberals are just different there. We don't see governments job to protect us from ourselves but to protect the innocent from people who do harm to them, not outlaw things that may be dangerous but put out all. The necessary information for us to make these decisions for ourselves and if some of these things are actually dangerous, regulate it and even discourage it, not by taking it away but. Providing incentive so that we won't want to do it as often, things like taxes on alcohol, tobacco and even marijuana, that might sound similar but its a big difference.

Wendell Willkie a Liberal Democrat up until the 1930s with the FDR Administration but then became a Republican. Because he saw President Rosevelt take the Democratic Party from more of a Liberal Party, to a Party that was more Socialist or Progressive, dramatically increasing the size. Of the State in peoples lives, Wendell Willkie understood exactly what Liberalism was, that is was about Individual Freedom and that government should only be doing the things that the people. Can't do for themselves, which was a very limited list of operations for government.

ABC News: NIghtline: Solitary Confinement: A Controversial Punishment

Solitary Confinement shouldn't be for inmates who commit minor infractions, there needs to be a way. To sanction these inmates without locking them up for twenty four three hours a day, like loss of rec time or work time, that sorta thing or loss of what's called good time, that inmates. Can earn to make their sentences shorter, Solitary Confinement should be for inmates who are threat to General Population and the staff and even these inmates should be worked with so their. Behavior improves to the point, that they can return to General Population.

ABC News: Nightline: "Solitary Confinement: "No Way Out of the Monster Factory"

Solitary Confinement: No Way Out of the Monster Factory | Video - ABC News \

Solitary Confinement has a positive purpose to isolate dangerous violent inmates, from General Population. So they don't abuse inmates who are just trying to do their time but it shouldn't be an indefinite detention either, these inmates should have the opportunity to be able to get themselves back in General Population. And be treated humanely while in isolation as well, with adequate food etc and people working with them to change their behavior.

USA Today: Mitt Romney Has Campaign Debt, Less Cash on Hand

Romney has campaign debt, less cash on hand –

This is what happens to losing campaigns, you start spending money to make up the difference and lose track of what you are spending.

The Hill: Sen. Scott Brown attacks Elisabeth Warren's heritage in first Mass. Senate debate

Brown attacks Warren's heritage in first Mass. Senate debate - The Hill's Ballot Box

I didn't see any clear winner in the debate last night, other then Elisabeth Warren was on the defensive about her heritage. And Scott Brown was on the defensive about abortion.