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Thursday, September 13, 2012

FRSFreeState: Senate Democrats: Leader Harry Reid: "Blocking Veterans' Jobs Bill Marks New Low For Republicans": What Senate Democrats Should Be Doing

"Its the economy stupid" which is what Senate Democrats should be thinking about in the next couple of months. The economy isn't great right now, with low Economic and Job Growth, with 12M Americans unemployed and they have ideas on how to improve the situation and legislation to address it. Led by Leader Harry Reid and what do Senate Republicans have to offer, an idea to get back to power and take control of the Senate, which is make Senate Democrats look incompetent, as if. They can't pass anything, they don't how to govern, even though Senate Republicans led by Minority Leader Mitch McConnell have blocked almost everything that Senate Democrats have brought to the floor. Even simple things like the Senate Calender, the Senate GOP strategy is that as long as the economy is bad and we can prevent Senate Democrats from doing anything to address it, voters will take it out on Senate Democrats and the President. Mitt Romney will get elected President, House Republicans will retain the majority and Senate Republicans led by Mitch McConnell. Will take control of the Senate, giving the GOP the White House and a Republican Congress, this has been Minority Leader McConnell's strategy since Barack Obama has become President.

But based on some of the Senate Candidates that the GOP has put up in Maine, Indiana, and now with Todd Aiken in Missouri. This strategy is starting to fall apart and Mitt Romney's low numbers in the polls aren't helping them and what Senate Democrats should be doing is keep pushing. On the economy, we know things are bad, we have ideas to fix the problem but all we are getting from the Senate GOP is obstruction, because they want to shut down the Senate and make. It look like we don't know how to govern, Democrats could look like the party of ideas in this debate, while Republicans look like the party of nothing or the party of failed ideas from the Bush Administration. So if I'm Leader Reid I'm bringing jobs bills to the floor everyday, especially as it relates to veterans and daring the Minority Leader to block them. At least until they can get some cooperation with some Senate Republicans on amendments to move legislation forward.

USA Today: Official: Man in Custody in Central Park Rape

Official: Man in custody in Central Park rape –

Another reason not to go to Central Park NY

The Hill: Crisis Poses Test for President Obama

Crisis poses test for Obama - The Hill - covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns and Capitol Hill |

Another opportunity for President Obama to look well, Presidential he has the job and knows what to do. An opportunity that Mitt Romney blew just shortly after the tragedy occurred in Libya and probably another opportunity for him to flip flop and probably try to change the subject.

Mussie Tsegai: Martin Luther King and Malcolm X Debate

Source: Mussie Tsegai-
Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Press

This was the ultimate debate as it related to the civil rights movement and perhaps generally as well. Because it involved the two most effective and intelligent spokespeople when it came to civil rights and equal rights. And two of the most effective spokespeople when it came to individual freedom in general. Because before the civil rights legislation of the 1960s and to a certain extent after that, African-Americans didn't have the same freedom as Caucasian-Americans. Even though they had the same constitutional rights under law as every other American in the country.

African-Americans simply weren't getting their constitutional rights enforced. Which is exactly what Dr. Martin King and Minister Malcolm X were trying to accomplish. They wanted African-Americans to have the same freedom as any other American in the country, they just had two different approaches. The MLK approach was to show the country that they were freedom fighters fighting for freedom, but they weren't trying to destroy the country. Just the system that held them down and were going to accomplish it by exercising their constitutional rights of Freedom of Speech and Assembly.

Malcolm X's approach was different, that the way to destroy the system, was by any means necessary, even if that means violence. That what they were fighting for which was their own freedom just as the Caucasian community had, should already be theres. And that the racists should just get-out-of-the-way, or they'll be run over. That there wasn't any negotiation, because African-Americans already had the freedom under law and under the Constitution that every other community had in America. Which meant that racist Southern Anglo-Saxon bigots and other racist Caucasians, should either step aside, or they'll be forcefully removed by the African-American community.
Mussie Tsegai: Martin Luther King and Malcolm X Debate