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Friday, September 7, 2012

FRSFreeState: AP: Economy Adds 96K Jobs, Rate Falls to 8.1 Pct.: Weak Economy Still on The Back of President Obama

I thought that Democrats had about as good of a week as they could at their convention this week. They went into the convention not as fired up about voting this year as will Republicans be and I believe they might of equaled the voter intensity with this convention with their. Leaders explaining how important it is for them to get out the vote and even vote themselves and that perhaps. The only thing that could rain on their parade would be a weak Jobs Report, that had today's numbers been stronger, that they would've left Charlotte with a clear lead. President Obama perhaps opening a clear 5-6 point lead, they were still successful in energizing the base but. To open up a lead in the election, they need Independents and with the Jobs Report today, they may have a 2-3 point lead next week, which will put them back where they were two weeks ago and in politics. A 2-3 point lead is essentially a tie when you factor in the margin of error, President Obama did a good job of laying out where we were when he took over almost four years ago and what he's. Done since and what he wants to do in a second term but now he might have to layout specifics, he might have to put the American Jobs Act back in public and run on that. If you reelect me I'll get this through Congress and we'll create this amount of jobs and here's where they would be created.

The President in the next two months should be saying I know the economy isn't as strong as we need it to be. With still way too many people unemployed but I have a plan to turn the economy around, its called the American Jobs Act that I proposed almost a year ago to this day that House Republicans. Are sitting on and never moved and according to the Congressional Budget Office, if enacted last year, would've created 2.5M additional jobs then what we would have right now. I have a new forward plan to move the economy forward, that would create jobs in the Construction, Manufacturing and Energy Industries, building American Products in America and putting millions. Of unemployed Americans back to work and all my opponent has it what was tried and proven to have failed ten years ago and if you reelect me, together we'll put the country back to work.

This I know things are bad but we are better off then we use to be argument is getting old, even though its true. What the President should be saying instead, is that I know things are bad but I have a plan to make them better and rebuild this country and the economy and return it. To good health and if you reelect me we'll do it together, while all my opponents have are the failed Republican policies of the last decade.