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Thursday, September 6, 2012

FRSFreeState: President Barack Obama's Remarks at The 2012 Democratic National Convention: President Obama Giving Americans a Choice in Who To Vote For

I believe President Obama had to accomplish four things tonight, layout where we were as a country. When he came to office forty four months ago. What they've done to address the issues they faced, the progress we've been making, where we should go from here and how his vision is different. From Mitt Romney, if the 2012 Presidential Election is about a referendum on the President, then Mitt Romney is a clear favorite, I think the President could win on that playing. Field but it would be a much more difficult road, because it would be look these guys have had four years, things are still bad, we need a new coach to lead us forward. But what the Romney/Ryan Campaign won't tell you is that the new coach and his assistant are the twins of President Bush and Vice President Cheney when it comes to policy. The reasons why we have the problems that we do today but here's the playing field that President Obama I believe is a clear favorite, if the Presidential Election. Is a choice of which vision we should select to lead the country forward, then President Obama wins that contest, because its moving forward vs going back to the Bush years and. The President and his policies are a lot more popular then President Bush's.

Some of the criticism that I've heard about President Obama's speech tonight, is that he wasn't very specific. On his policies and where he would take the country forward, they are correct that the President didn't lay out and pass policy plans out on what he would do to create Economic and Job Growth. But what he did do was to speak to things as it relates to energy, infrastructure and manufacturing, these are the jobs that we've created in these fields. Because this is what we've been investing in them through Tax Credits and other things, as well as opening new markets. For American Products and Industries and Foreign Trade and opening up new opportunity through education so people who aren't related to Mitt Romney and can't write one check to cover all of their college costs. Can go to college through Student Loans and Tax Credits to pay for Higher Education. He was saying this what they've been doing, why its working and why we need to continue doing what they are doing.

President Obama spoke to two groups of voters tonight, Blue Collar Independents in North Carolina and Ohio. And Democrats who are not yet crazy enough to actually get themselves to the polls and vote well Democratic, he was telling both Blue Collar Independents and Democrats this is what I've done for you. And what we can do together in the future if you choose me once again and not Mitt Romney and why the other choice for President is not a good one. Because all they have to offer is what has failed before. And I believe the President was successful in at least getting Democrats excited about voting Democratic again, which is closing the deal with the base.

FRSFreeState: Vice President Joe Biden's Remarks at The 2012 Democratic National Convention: VP Biden Speaking Up For His Boss

What Vice President Joe Biden did tonight was give Americans a better idea of who he is and where he comes from. And why he connects so well with Middle Class Americans, because of who he is and where he comes from, because thats where he comes from, thats what he's been part of most if not his entire life. You can even make a case that as a young that Joe Biden came from a Low Income family, with his father having to leave him with the rest of his kids in Scranton, Pennsylvania. While his father left for Delaware to find better work which is what he did and how Joe Biden got to Delaware. And why Vice President Biden deserves to be Vice President of the United States, despite his bad habit of speaking his mind, which yes in politics can be a bad habit. And why the Vice President will be such a huge asset for the President in Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia and even Indiana. If the Obama/Biden Campaign decides to make a play there, which is a possibility especially if they hold their lead in Ohio, where they are still leading. Vice President Biden not only did the job of laying out why the Obama/Biden Administration is good for the Middle Class and what kind of President his only boss is.

What the Vice President did tonight was to lay out what the situation was when he and the President came to office in January, 2009. What they were up against and how they went about addressing the issues they faced, with both the Banking and Auto Industries collapsing and what they. Had to do to save those Industries that are so vital to the economy, which without we would be another 1-2M jobs in the hole. And what they had to do stop the fall of the "Great Recession", to by the country some time so they could move towards an economic recovery. And what they did working with Congress, to not only put a floor on the "Great Recession" and how to get the economy. Going again with Economic and Job Growth which is what the 2009 Recovery and Reinvestment Act was about, where they got almost no help from Congressional Republicans to pass. Just three Northeastern Republican Senators voted for it.

The Vice President laid out how he and the President went about making the decisions to deal with the problems they faced. And how President Obama went about making the decisions that he did and how we are better off economically but of course not where we want to be. And why had we did what Mitt Romney was calling for us to do back then, which is let the Auto Industry go under and what they would do now.

Barack Obama: President Bill Clinton's Remarks At The 2012 Democratic National Convention- Full Speech

Source: Barack Obama-President William J. Clinton-
Source: Barack Obama: President Bill Clinton's Remarks At The 2012 Democratic National Convention- Full Speech

It seems to me that President Bill Clinton had a couple of tasks last night as probably the most popular American politician in America current or former.

One, to make sure Democrats know how important it is to get-out-the-vote for President Obama. To do one thing vote themselves, but also to get people out to vote. Democrats who are mainly disappointed with President Obama, the more Progressive Democrats (or social democratic Democrats), who thought they are actually getting a Socialist as the GOP claims that Barack Obama is. And instead has gotten someone a lot more mainstream than that. That not voting for President Obama in 2012 is unacceptable, that the United States can't afford a Romney/Ryan Administration with a Tea Party Congress. That there's no choice here. The Obama Administration is hundred times better than the GOP could offer in 2012 and that they have to vote and work for the President, to prevent the Tea Party from getting the entire Federal Government.  And to layout exactly why the President is better than Mitt Romney, that four years is simply not enough time to fix all of the problems that the Bush Administration left for the Obama Administration. And to layout exactly where we've made progress as a country and that if reelected, things are only going to get better.

The other task that I believe President Clinton had last night was to layout for Independent voters, where again Bill Clinton is popular with them as well. Why the Obama Administration is so much better than any Romney Administration can ever dream of coming up with. And he did that in a couple of areas.

One, on taxes that if you vote for the President, your taxes aren't going to go up. But if you vote for Mitt Romney, he has a 200B$ tax hike that was part of the 2009 Recovery Act, those tax cuts disappear under the Romney/Ryan Plan. And in the other area as it relates to the Affordable Care Act, that how much money that the people and hospitals are saving as of right now.  With health insurers being required to spend 85% of the money they collect on actual health insurance. And that no one will ever again have to worry about losing their health insurance, because they actually need it.

Another line that I believe was powerful that President Clinton had, was when it come to jobs. For the last twenty-nine months we've created 4.5M jobs net in the private sector. Whereas the public sector across the board has lost jobs. Another example of why the socialist argument doesn't fly. And Bill Clinton was successful across the board, explaining how President Obama has been successful, how large the problems are and that they simply can't all get solved in four years or less. And where and how we are making progress and why what we are doing now, beats the hell out of anything that the GOP has to offer right now.

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