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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Senate Democrats to Republicans: "Even Grover Norquist Should Support Small Business Tax Cuts"

If there's been one idea that all Republicans have supported at least in the 20th Century and up to today, its been Tax Cuts. Just like if there's been one idea that Progressives have agreed on in this same time period, its been Tax Hikes to fund new spending on Social Insurance programs. The Earned Income Tax Credit that allows Low Income workers to deduct their Federal Income Taxes is a Republican idea. The Child Tax Credit is a Republican idea, Tax Relief for Small Business is a Republican idea, Health Savings Accounts are a Republican idea, the Research and Development Tax Credit is a Republican idea. Tax Relief for College Savings is a Republican idea, Individual Retirement Accounts are Republican ideas, Capital Gains Tax Relief is a Republican idea, all of these Tax Cuts are Republican proposals. That even Democrats now support, well Liberal and Centrist Democrats now support, Progressives not so much and once again today in the Senate, Senate Republicans had another opportunity. To vote for Tax Relief for Small Business's and they decided to block more Tax Cuts for people who actually need them and why because Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnel. Wants to vote on President Obama's proposal on the Bush Tax Cuts, as a condition for the Small Business Tax Relief.

This was all back when the Republican Party was a Thinking Party, a Party that was built on the philosophy of Limited Government, Government closest to home is the best Government. Before they became a purely Political Party thats now based on obtaining power and gaining more power. How do we oppose Democrats on everything, even on things that we agree with them on, so we can make Democrats look bad. And once Republicans gain all of the power that they need, they'll start putting in the policies that they support, even if they were against them when Democrats were in power. Cutting taxes for Small Business's so they can hire, expand and write off some of their costs as it relates to their equipment, should be a no brainer and something that frankly should've. Been in the 2009 American Recovery Act and since its a no brainer, should be perfect for Senate Republicans to support right now.

Republicans voting against Tax Cuts would be the same thing as Democrats voting against Civil Rights. And would get people to question why you vote against that, are you sure you are a real Republican or Democrat, perhaps you signed up for the wrong party by accident. But thats the problem with the Republican Party, sometimes its hard to tell where they are politically right now. Other then to say if Democrats are for it, we are against it, even if we are for it.