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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

President Obama: "Washington Stalemate Holding Us Back": Give em Hell Barack

In 1948 President Harry Truman was at the lowest point of his first term in popularity, he was probably more unpopular when he left the Presidency in 1953. Which looking back at it now, seems very strange considering how successful of a President he was in Foreign Policy and how the economy took off as well. And we finally broke out of the "Great Depression" but even as unpopular as President Truman was, he wasn't going to let a little thing like unpopularity, he was somewhere in the 20's. To keep him from being elected President of the United States on his own, in President Truman's first term, he was succeeding President Roosevelt in 1945 who died shortly after starting his fourth term as President. In 1948 President Truman gets elected on his own and President Truman decided that the best way to get elected, was to run against Washington. Imagine this the President of the United States running as an outsider but thats exactly what he did. He ran against Congress and this started in his 1948 Democratic Convention speech where he laid out what he wanted to do as President and what he had been trying to do but that the Republican Congress was blocking him, both the Republican House and Senate.

There are some differences between President Truman from 1948 and President Obama in 2012. President Obama isn't as nearly as unpopular, his Approval Rating is somewhere between 45-50% depending on what poll you look at and President Obama doesn't have a Republican Congress to deal with, he has Republicans in Congress to deal with, which is different. A Republican House but a Democratic Senate with a large Republican Minority, so to try to run against a do nothing Congress. When Democrats control the Upper Chamber in Congress, is a tough sale to make, unless you want to run against Congressional Democrats as well. But what the President can do is run against a do nothing House that hasn't passed anything that the Senate or could agree to and hasn't worked with them either. And he can run against do nothing Republicans that believe a weaker economy is better for their election prospects.

This might the best strategy for the President to get reelected to try to convince Americans that things would just be so much better. If Republicans weren't in the way, a tough case to make considering that the President had a Democratic Congress in his first two years and things didn't look that great. And Democrats took a hell of a beating but we'll see how this plays out and how it works.