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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Job Fair Aims to Help Vets Find Work: One Way to Help Unemployed Workers Get Back To Work

This is exacly the type of thing that we should be doing to help Unemployed Workers get back to work. Especially Military Veterans who bring so many skills to the table, who all tend to be college educated and have real World skills and experience, inlcluding in leadership and being under serious pressure. We should be helping them get back to work, help them find work and Job Fairs are a great way to do that, because companies that are ready to hire right now. Unfortunately because of the economy, not enough of them are but the ones that are looking to expand their payrolls, are looking for well educated and well experienced workers that can fill certain needs with the skills that they would bring to their companies. Thats what you get with Military Veterans, people who are well trained, who are disciplined, who are ready to work, ready to serve. And can lead others, this is what we can be doing in the Private Setcor and what we should be doing with our Unemployment Insurance as well, helping Unmeployed Workers get back to work, not pay them not to work.

Job Fairs are a great way to do this, so Unemployed Workers can see what's out there and also so compamies can see who's out there and ready to work. Its serves both sides, employers and labor, which of course are both critical for all employers and is something that people on Unemployment Insuracne should be required to so. As they are collecting their Unemployment Insurance, actaully seeking work, not expecting it to come to them, especially the longer that they are unemployed. Seeking work, which we can help them find work by having Employment Offices, instead of Unemployment Offices, where they would get their UI but would also be working with someone there. To help them find a job, like telling them about Job Fairs that are going on in the area to use as an example, actually helping them to find work, instead of people who are uneployed having to do all of that themselves.

This is kinda of the thing that we should've always been doing with Unemployment Insurance and an example of how it wasn't set origianlly. Back in the 1930s very well but something we should be doing now, esecpally as we are now three years into an Economic Recovery, where we still have unemployment of over 8%.