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Friday, June 1, 2012

Hewad Patman: Che Guevara True Story

Imagine had these socialist revolutionaries in Latin America, like Fidel Castro and Che Guevara were inspired by Socialists in Scandinavia, Britain, France, Germany and others, and not being inspired by Socialists in Russia and China, where countries like Cuba, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile and others, how well they could be doing economically today. And how much influence they would have in the World today and not just in Latin America.

Had these revolutionaries followed the Brazilian model, a democratic socialist republic that’s emerging as a world Power, that’s now energy independent, instead of following Russia, China, this beautiful region, deep in natural resources, as well as people, instead of all these nations being developing nations today, maybe they look like the European Union. Maybe they are all economically independent, not dependent on foreign aid. But instead giving out foreign aid. Maybe they have a Latin Union that represents their economic and security interests in the world.

Had Latin America developed an economic system, that promotes public education, that everyone has access to, not just the wealthy, that promotes public infrastructure, healthcare, that people who can take care of themselves should be expected to do that and that the state helps the people who can’t, which is the direction that Cuba is trying to move to right now, Latin America would probably be part of the developed world today. Instead of a collection of emerging countries.

Brazil will be a developed nation, perhaps within ten years from now. Mexico could and should be, but have corruption and crime issues that are holding them back. But a lot of these other countries are really struggling. Like Central America, Venezuela, Bolivia and others. The Brazilian model is what the rest of Latin America should look at. Which is democratic socialism, which is a large private sector, but with a public that can defend and govern the country. And also help people who fall through the cracks of capitalism. Rather than trying to design an economic system where you put all the power in the state and make the people dependent on the state for their survival.

Economy Added 69K Jobs in May, Fewest in a Year: Why Congress and the President have to come together

There's only two positive things that can be said about the May Jobs Reports, that more jobs were created then lost, another words a net in Job Growth. And that even though the Unemployment Rate jumped up a tenth of a percentage point, that there are still plenty of people looking for work. So there are still plenty of jobs to be created and its a matter of how to put those people to work. And that with a workforce of some 150M people and you only create 69K jobs in a month with an Unemployment Rate already over 8% going in and now thats jumped up. There is nothing else positive about this Jobs Report, its now a matter of what to do past this, how do we improve the situation. Which hopefully will happen after Democrats and Republicans stop blaming each other, for who's fault it is for the weak Jobs Report. Assuming they ever stop blaming each other for that and the White House knows this, which is why the President today was already talking about. What he's been trying to do create Job Growth but that Congress hasn't cooperated in making that happen. Because he doesn't want to get stuck with all the blame, I mean he is up for reelection.

If nothing happens from now until November and the economy remains this way, both weak Economic and Job Growth, with Unemployment staying about where it is. Then the President unless Mitt Romney commits Political Suicide or something or brings out a different Mitt Romney. A new character, we haven't seen before, which is possible but probably not likely. We'll have a new President in 2013 and the President understands this as well, which is why its in his interest. To get Congress to work with him and pass another Jobs bill or several Jobs bills, because the House is not going to give him everything he wants and the President is not going to give the House everything they want. The House Republican strategy is pretty simple, basic and transparent, the Status Quo, that if nothing else happens, they'll get reelected with a Republican President. So the President has to convince then that its in their best interest to work together.

Passing the blame around which is what President Obama was trying to do, look I know things are bad but its not all my fault. Or not all of its my fault, I've been trying to get Congress to work with me but they keep turning me down. He has to do better then that and give Americans, especially Democrats and Independents a reason to vote for him if the economy remains the same. He's going to have to get House Republicans to cooperate with him.