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Thursday, April 26, 2012

An Address by Senator Marco Rubio: America's Global Engagement: What American Foreign Policy should be

There use to be a Bi Partisan consensus in America, that American Foreign Policy. Should be about defending American interests, protecting people where we can. That are being murdered by its own government and are just looking for freedom. And that America can't police the World but must be a Leader in the World if not the main Leader in the World. In insuring peace but that we couldn't do these things ourselves. We had to work with our allies to not only protect our National Interests but to protect peace in the World. Which is how the United Nations and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization or NATO was created. Not trying to sound partisan here and I'll criticize Progressives here as well. But that all changed in 2002-03 when the Bush National Security Council, led by its Neoconservatives, pushed Preemptive War.

When Neoconservatives pushed the War in Iraq and had they had more time, perhaps would've gone after other regimes as well. And there's evidence they were looking at the Islamic Republic of Iran as well. American Foreign Policy changed and for the worse. Republicans became Neoconservative on Foreign Policy and that America had to lead. And that working with our allies was no longer necessary and if anything we no longer needed them. Progressives and Libertarians became more Isolationist. And that America was overcommitted and should pull back. Not just the the War in Iraq was a mistake but the War in Afghanistan was a mistake. And the War on Terror was a mistake as well.

Hopefully Sen. Marco Rubio and other leading Republicans will recognize that a Neoconservative Foreign Policy. Is not the right course that America has to lead in the World. To protect our own interests but that we can't do everything by ourselves. And we must work with our allies when we can and need them. And that we've paid a heavy price for how we've been involved in Iraq and Afghanistan. Especially with cost of lives and the debt we've piled up.