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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rep. Chris Van Hollen Speaks in Opposition to House Republican FY 2013 Budget: Good Theater from both sides

Today the House of Representatives is debating the Ryan Budget, offered by Paul Ryan Chairman of the Budget Committee. The Democratic Alternative offered by Chris Van Hollen Ranking Member of the Budget Committee. And the Obama Budget offered by President Obama and at least they are actually debating these things. Rather then the House Majority bringing a bill to the House Floor. No input from the Minority and telling everyone take it or leave it. At least the House is debating different ideas and then voting on what they think is the best. And this is one improvement that Speaker John Boehner has brought to the House. That we didn't see when the last four years when Nancy Pelosi was Speaker. Or the previous twelve years when House Republicans were in control. So I give House Republicans credit for that and if House Democrats were to win back the Majority this fall. Hopefully they'll keep that in place for the next Congress. Congress both the House and Senate should be a battle place of ideas. Instead of one side ramming their bills through.

Having said all of that, thats the nicest I can be to House Republicans right. Even though everything I said is true but what the House is debating right now is bad ideas. Neither House Republicans or Democrats or the President. Have a plan to get the debt and deficit under control. Yes its an Election Year with a lot at stake and I hope the Democratic Party will do very well. And I expect we will but neither side is willing to make the tough decisions. And take on Special Interests Groups to make the cuts and reforms. Needed to get the debt and deficit under control. Make savings and reforms in entitlements, defense, reforming and the Tax Code. Even though I would prefer to throw out the Federal Tax Code and start over. But thats a different blog, because they know if they take on Special Interests. It could cost them votes.

I have a lot of respect for Rep. Chris Van Hollen, not just because he's my Representative. He's one of my favorite Members of Congress and a rising star in the House. And I hope he moves on to bigger things, like getting elected Statewide. But neither Rep. Van Hollen, Rep. Ryan or President Obama have a serious plan right now. To get our debt and deficit under control right now. And a lot of this debate is really just theater, interesting but still theater.