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Monday, January 30, 2012

2008 Iowa Caucus Victory Speech: "Promises Kept": A Message for Progressive Democrats

President Obama and the Obama Campaign knows at least one thing very well, I'm sure they know more then one thing. But start with this one thing for now and maybe later we'll move up from that. They have to get Progressive Democrats to the Voting Polls on Election Day and not only vote but for the President. And not vote for whatever Socialists are running for President instead. Whether it the Green Party, Socialist Party, yes there's actually a Socialist Party in America. In the Land of the Free, that not only knows who they are but proud of it. Or the Progressive Party or whatever Socialist Party may have a Presidential Nominee. President Obama needs all of these Socialists who are still registered as Democrats, to vote for him and not a Socialist Party. These are people who voted for Candidate Obama overwhelmingly in 2008 and he needs them again. Because the President is going to have to run on his record, whether he wants to or not. This is what we've accomplished and this is what we can accomplish in the future if you reelect me. And if the President brings the Progressive Democrats back, he then can concentrate on electing and reelecting Congressional Democrats. So they can hold on to the Senate and take back the House as well. Which would make it much easier to pass the rest of the Obama Agenda. And they were able to pass a lot of it in 2009-10, paid a heavy price for it politically. In the 2010 Mid Terms but on policy they got a lot done. But the President and Congressional Democrats can't do this, if they are not reelected.

In 2008 Progressive Democrats voted for Barack Obama overwhelmingly, instead of backing Rep. Dennis Kucinich for President. Because they thought he was a Socialist, this idea that he was in contact. With Bill Ayers, Saul Olinsky and other Progressive Activists was appealing to them. When Republicans of course use that to make Obama look like an extremist. It took Progressives about six months to a year to figure out he wasn't one of them. With the 2009 Recovery Act, that wasn't the 21st Century version of the FDR New Deal. Or the 2010 Affordable Care Act, that didn't Socialize the Healthcare System. Or the Wall Street Reform Law that didn't socialize Big Banks or the General Motors and Chrysler Bailouts. That didn't socialize those Auto Company's but he accomplish all of those things. Just not in the way that Progressives wanted him to but what they forget. Is that their man was not in the White House and if they were looking for a Progressive. They should've backed Dennis Kucinich or Ralph Nader, they backed the wrong person from their ideological perspective. But if you look at what Barack Obama campaigned on in 2008 and what he's accomplished so far. He has a great Batting Average as far as what he wanted to pass and what he did pass. Oh by the way our troops are also coming home from Afghanistan and Iraq.

My point being and yes I have a point here, is that the President has come through on a lot of what he's promised so far. And he's been in office for three years and has had a Republican House for one year. But listening to Progressives talk about President Obama, you would think they were talking about George W. Bush. They haven't given President Obama much credit for anything, even though what he said he was going to do during the 2008 Campaign. And what he wanted done and what he wanted in those bills. Is basically what he ran on. So if Progressive Democrats liked Barack Obama in 2008, they should be able to like him in 2012 as well.