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Friday, January 27, 2012

"Mitt vs. The Truth": Mitt Romney's Communication Problem

Mitt Romney is a Presidential Candidate who's also a very wealthy businessman that would put in the top 1% as far as Personal Income in America. He's been very successful in life to the point where you would think he wouldn't have a problem with that. Saying I'm a very successful businessman, I've run company's. That when I took over weren't doing very well and within a few years. Turned them around and made them profitable, this kinda of thing happens all the time in Corporate America. Company's run into financial trouble, perhaps they hire too many people. Or are too generous with their Compensation Packages, General Motors being a perfect example of that. And they have to lay people off and reduce their Compensation Packages. In order to save the company and avoid laying people off in the future. And also so they can hire people in the future and be able to attract the best talent as possible. And be able to offer them the best Compensation Package they can afford. Not whatever it takes to get them to work for the company, which are two different things. If Mitt Romney were somehow to be elected President of the United States. And that the Christian Right were lose their memory or something and forget that Mitt is a mormon. Then Mitt would be the wealthiest person ever elected President of the United States. As far as income he generated on his own and didn't inherit. Franklin Rossevelt may of had more money when he became President, if you adjust for today's dollars. But he was a Public Servant for most of his career. Nothing wrong with these things.

What you hear from Mitt's opponents that are running for President, except for Ron Paul. Is them almost bashing Mitt for how he made his money and that he can't communicate with Average Voters. Because of how wealthy he is and they have a point there, for example when Mitt said he only made 400K$ from Speaking Fees. 400K$ sounds like a pretty good living for probably 90% of the country and statements like that make Mitt seem out of touch. But all they are doing and these are Republicans by the way, in Newt Gingrich's case. A Conservative Republican in a lot of areas. Is setting up Mitt Romney for what he's going to hear in the General Election if he wins the Republican Nomination. From Progressive Democrats with their Class Warfare rhetoric, basically saying its a bad thing that one person. Has made so much money, when a lot of the country is struggling. Essentially attacking Mitt for being successful in life, I'm a Democrat and you won't hear me make those charges. And because Mitt has a tendency to speak with only one of his lips or half of his brain. He's going to have a hard time speaking up for his success in life and how he earned his money.

Mitt Romney reminds me a lot of George HW Bush, the good George Bush as far as I'm concern. The man who was very intelligent and could speak in complete sentences. And was clearly qualified to be President of the United States and who was very successful in life. I actually believe overall he was a good President. But except for Foreign Policy, he was a lousy communicator, especially when he was talking about himself. And what he wanted to do and his Business Career where he became a billionaire by starting and Oil Company. Mitt doesn't seem to be able to say, you what I've been damn successful in life. And I'm damn proud of that and I have a great wife and great family. And because of my success, they'll never be hungry or without resources. And I'm running for President to empower the Less Fortunate to be able to be successful in life as well. He hasn't shown that Human Touch yet and be better find it soon.