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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

So This is Washington: The Real Mitt Romney?: The Multiple Choice Politician

Who is Mitt Romney?
So This is Washington: The Real Mitt Romney?: The Multiple Choice Politician

Mitt Romney’s father George Romney as Governor of Michigan and as a presidential candidate, he was basically a Center-Right Republican. Strong economic Conservative credentials, but moderate-liberal on social issues. His son Mitt Romney in his heart fits into whatever faction of that Republican Party that remains today. Mitt’s problem is that what he believes in politically, doesn’t fit in very well with today’s Republican Party. So positions he takes in the past, like when he ran for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts in 1994 and Governor of Massachusetts in 2002, doesn’t fit in with the rest of the Republican Party.

Where instead of contending with Moderates and Conservatives and even Liberals, he has to contend with Religious and Neoconservatives and now the Tea Party that has both of those political factions in it and even Libertarians. So when he’s running for Senate and Governor, he’s pro-choice on abortion. He was a moderate conservative Governor of Massachusetts. When he runs for President in 2007-08 and running in the Bible Belt, he decides to be the Christian Conservative Candidate. Because he knows Mike Huckabee is running and he’s going to need Christian Conservatives to be elected President of the United States.

Two problems that Romney had with that campaign, was that the Christian-Right didn’t believe him and they were correct. And that Mitt Romney is a Mormon and they see Mormonism as a cult. Anytime you try to appeal to a religious cult like the Christian-Right (as I would label them) you’re looking for trouble, but that also goes to your character, or lack of it. Trying to talk sense to cult followers, is like trying to take a shower without water. What’s the point.

I call Mitt Romney Flip Flopper because that’s what he does and what he is. The real Mitt Romney no longer fits in with the GOP. Those days are gone, this is no longer the Republican Party of Ron Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Barry Goldwater, Gerry Ford, Bob Dole and others. This is the party of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Pat Robertson, the Christian Coalition, Family Research Council, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum and others. So Romney feels the need to make up these new characters. Moderate Romney in 1994 and 2002, Bible Belt Romney in 2007-08 and now the businessman with results Romney in 2011-12. He’s whoever he feels he needs to be to get the job he’s running for and his act is running dry.

Which is why the Republican Party is not sold on him yet and if you look at these GOP presidential debates a strong presidential candidate could knock most of those schmucks out. But because we are talking about Mitt Romney, he gets to appear on the same stage as Rick Santorum, Rick Perry, Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain and the audience is left to wonder who won. Ron Reagan with this lack of competition, would’ve already had the GOP nomination in the bag by now. You ask Mitt Romney who is Mitt Romney and you get several different answers from the same person.

And you’re thinking, “he just described several different people. I’m not sure he knows who he is, if he gave you and honest answer.” He might say, “I’m who I believe I need to be in order to get to where I want to be.” (Under truth serum) Which would be true, but he doesn’t have the guts to say that and his political career, I mean his running for office career would be over. He’s only held one public office, because he’s lost almost every election he’s ever ran for. Again because of the multiple personality Mitt he’s become a career campaigner who rarely wins, but goes by the notion, “once you fail, try, try again.”

"Must see! The True Story of the Tea Party": What the Tea Party has become

The Tea Party Movement could've become something very powerful when they started out in late 2008. To attack all the bailouts that the Federal Government were up to and then later moved on to Healthcare Reform. The debt and deficit, rewriting the US Constitution and so fourth. They could've been the Political Movement that replaced Bush Neoconservatism that had run the Republican Party the previous eight years. And moved the Republican Back to Reagan Classical Conservatism. That we are going to again be about Limited Government and Individual Liberty. Not try to outlaw things like Premarital Sex, or Adultery, Same Sex Marriage, Homosexuality all together. Pornography, non European Immigration, push for censorship of the Entertainment Industry. Things that the Christian Right have been pushing for, for over thirty years now. We were no longer going to invade countries that don't threaten us, a Limited Government and Foreign Policy. That best represents American National Security Interests, instead of basically where they are now. Combining the multiple Political Factions of the GOP into one Political Movement. The Tea Party now has the Christian Right, Neoconservatives, a few Reagan Classical Conservatives in it and even some Libertarians. They are trying to represent everyone in the Republican Party and have lost influence as a result. Without having a Presidential Candidate of their own and leaving that up to the Christian Right and GOP Establishment.

What happens when one Political Movement tries to bring everyone else in, they get divided. Which is where the Tea Party is now and as a result, the Republican Party is left with. King Flip Flopper himself Mitt Romney the GOP Establishments favorite choice but no one else's. Mr. I'll Say what I need to do to get elected. And do as President what I feel I need to and if people don't like it. Tough thats what you get for listening to a politician. Mr I was for when it was popular but I'm against it now because its unpopular. Why do think Mitt Romney scores so badly when the question is asked. Who would make a strong Leader and people like Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich score well. Because people believe Paul and Gingrich when they take positions. Because they are not afraid to take unpopular positions if they believe in them. Had the Tea Party just sticked to what they were in the beginning. The Federal Government is the problem because its too big and spend too much money. And not try to combine Economic Conservatism with Religious and Neoconservatism. With people like Sen. Jim DeMint and Rep. Michelle Bachmann. Maybe they have a Presidential Candidate today thats at least pushing Romney for the nomination. Maybe they get behind Ron Paul or Buddy Roemer instead.

I don't see the Tea Party as a major factor in the Presidential Race at least in the General Election. Except that Mitt Romney will of course need them to vote for him. To have any hope of defeating President Obama but they won't determine who the GOP Nominates for President. Thats pretty much already been decided but the Tea Party will play a big role in determining the Control of Congress next year. The House and Senate and thats probably what they are focusing on right now.