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Monday, January 9, 2012

Rick Santorum Cites Appeal As "Reliable Conservative": The Big Government Republican

If Rick Santorum wants to make the case that he's a "Reliable Conservative", then he needs to stick to Fiscal Policy. Except for all the Congressional Earmarks he received while in Congress 16 years actually. Because on Social Issues and National Security, he's another Big Government Republican. Looking more like Pat Robertson or John Bolton then Barry Goldwater, Ron Reagan or Ron Paul. If your someone who believes homosexuality, pornography, cursing, abortion are immoral. And would like to see those things illegal and support things like the Patriot Act, Indefinite Detention. Giving the Federal Government the authority to throw out State Laws that they don't like. Then I suggest you take a look at Rick Santorum for President 2012. Because you'll find a lot of people who think like you, a lot of other Big Government Republicans. Thats how Rick Santorum basically won or tied in the Iowa Caucus, by bringing all of those Religious Conservatives behind him. He wouldn't of won Iowa any other way and is also why he has a competitive shot at South Carolina as well. And because he's a Big Government Republican, is why he has no shot at winning New Hampshire. Which is a Liberal-Libertarian State that has the State Motto, "Live Free or Die". The Christian Conservative Motto, would be something like, Live Morally or Die. Living Morally in how they define Moral Living. Thats how Sen. Santorum has shot up in the polls and has a shot of winning some of these Religious Conservative States. He's replaced Mike Huckabee as the Christian Conservative Presidential Candidate.

I'm not saying Rick Santorum is all bad, I kind like his message on Fiscal Policy and his attempt to appeal to Blue Collar Voters. And his approach to dealing with the War on Poverty by getting people on Public Assistance. Back in school so they can get the skills that they need to get a good job and get off of Public Assistance. And I like his family and that he's adopted kids and basically seems like a good man who cares about the country. And wants to serve and do good, my problem has to do with his honesty. He's not being completely honest when he says we need to get government off the backs of the American People. But then supports all of these new regulations that would limit our freedom. Like defining marriage from the Federal Government, which has always been handled by the States. And trying to bring religion closer to government and that if you don't practice religion. Your not as good as someone who does or something to that effect. Rick Santorum is a Republican, yet he's not a Federalist or a big believer in Limited Government. But would actually like to make Government bigger.

You combine Rick Santorum's appeal to Blue Collar Voters and the Christian Right and his Fiscal Policy. With Mitt Romney's tolerance on Social Issues, you have a very competitive Republican Ticket in 2012. With Mitt Romney at the top but because Rick Santorum is a Big Government Republican, which makes him not electable in the fall by himself. He doesn't have much of a shot at winning the GOP Nomination for President.