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Thursday, December 6, 2012

US Senate Democrats: "Senate Minority Leader McConnell Objects To His Own Bill To Lift Debt Ceiling"

If this is about letting the President of the United States, whoever the President is, now or into the. Future given the ability to lift the debt limit on his own, which apparently some Democrats has said that would be a good idea. Then of course I'm against that but if this is about the Senate being able to raise the debt limit with s simple majority. Like under what's called budget reconciliation, if you don't follow the US Senate, legislation generally needs. Sixty votes to pass the Senate, whether Democrats or Republicans are in control, otherwise the minority. Whoever the party is will be able to block the legislation but since the 1974 Congressional Budget Act. The Federal budget can now be passed with just fifty one votes in the Senate, meaning the minority can't block votes. On the budget on their own and apparently Senate Democrats will now like to be able to lift the debt ceiling. With just fifty one votes and since we have a Republican House, that will be good enough and that would prevent. Tax and spend Progressive Democrats from being to lift the debt ceiling on their own, because they want to tax and spend more.

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