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Monday, December 10, 2012

FRSFreeState: The New Republic: Nate Cohn: Marijuana: A Winning GOP Issue?

Marijuana: A Winning GOP Issue? | The New Republic

The Republican Party is simply going to have to be able to appeal to more Americans outside of their base outside. Of the Bible Belt in order to remain a major political party in the future, its that simple since their base quite frankly is dying off. And being replaced by younger Liberal-Libertarian people and in a lot of cases by their own kids and this doesn't mean. That Republicans have to change their beliefs and policies, at least not all of them but what it does mean is that they. Have to start covering up some up their weakness's, they have right now and look like an intolerant bigoted party. Thats still stuck in the 1950s, while the rest of the country is in the 21st Century but the good news for the GOP. For them to fix these issues, the only thing they need to do is start highlighting their strengths as they are hiding. Their weakness's, the GOP is suppose to be a party that believes in individual freedom, fiscal conservatism, states rights and. Federalism and if you think about that, marijuana has all those components in it.

Republicans don't need to say, marijuana is great and that I suggest that all Americans try it and start using it. But what they can say is that this is an issue that should be dealt with by the states, so when a state decided to. Legalize marijuana, like Colorado and Washington State, Republicans would say thats their business and they are. Responsible for the consequences of their decisions and Uncle Sam is going to get out of the way, Conservative Republicans. Are not in the business to tell states what to do, as long as they are within the US Constitution, which would be classically. Conservative position to take, as well as a Federalist position to take, and young Liberals such as myself. As well as Libertarians would say look the Republican Party isn't so Big Government after all and they actually do believe. In things like individual freedom and personal responsibility and just don't say that they do for political reasons.

Marijuana plays well for Liberal Democrats and Libertarians, not so great for the Obama Administration and Republican Party. Who are currently on the wrong side of this issue with a lot of young Americans who tend to be Liberal-Libertarian. And here's an area where Republicans could break through with young people on.

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