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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

FRSFreeState: Brookings Institution: Explaining the Education Choice and Competition Index

When people speak about school choice, they are generally talking about vouchers that would go to parents. Who live in an area where their kids are forced to go to a bad school and can't afford to send their kids to private schools. So they would get a voucher to be able to send their kid to a private school, I'm not in favor of private school vouchers. If states and localities want to do this, then thats their business, unless its Maryland or Montgomery County. Were to do this, where I live then that would become part of my business but school choice is really about. Being able to send your kids to the right school for them, no matter where you live instead of students. Being assigned to a public school based on where you live and there is something called. Public school choice that would allow parents to send their kids to the schools of their choice, that they. Believe is the right school for them, again no matter where they live which is something I'm in favor of.

I'm in favor of public school choice because it would bring needed competition to public education in America. And have public schools literally competing with each other for students every year, rather then automatically. Being assigned students no matter the of level of education that they provide for their students. So if schools do a good job, there are, going to be plenty of students that are going to want to go to that school. But if a school is failing, then that school would end up losing a lot of students, the students they currently have. As well as new students they normally would have in the future, if that school was still a monopoly. Choice and competition is one answer to how we reform public education in America because it would literally. Put schools against each other and make competitors out of them and force them to go a good job or end. Up losing students, money and perhaps even educators in the future, because it would end up being. A place where people don't want to go.

You can still be in favor of teachers unions and the right to organize, as a Liberal or Progressive. And still be favor of quality public education, as long as you are in the business of public education. Rather then teacher unions and be in favor of reforms that would bring about better schools in this country. And school choice is just one example of a reform that would improve our public schools.

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