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Friday, December 7, 2012

AP: Mark Hamrick: US Economy Adds 146K Jobs, Rate Falls to 7.7 Pct

Even despite Hurricane Sandy, the United States did add 146K jobs in November, a lot of that probably. Had to do with the start of the 2012 holiday season, people spending more as a result and employers looking. For seasonable help to meet the new consumer demand but its also another sign of what economists have been saying. That the American economy is about to takeoff and that we could be looking at robust economic growth in 2013. Which would be followed by robust job growth, with the unemployment rate falling, allowing us to finally move past. The Great Recession and back into strong economic times but thats if we can avoid the fiscal cliff. A bad combination of steep middle class tax hikes and deep budget cuts, that would affect public sector jobs. As well as private sector jobs, because of all of the private employers that do business with the. Federal Government, which would send us back into recession, as economists on both sides of the isle. Agree would happen, so the President and Congress we need to avoid that.

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