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Monday, November 19, 2012

November Revolution Men: Professor Noam Chomsky- Neoliberalism vs Democracy: They Go Together

Source: November Revolution Men-Professor Noam Chomsky-
Source: November Revolution Men: Professor Noam Chomsky- Neoliberalism vs Democracy

If you look at what Progressives (or Social Democrats) call neoliberalism and how they describe it, that economies and societies would be liberalized, or as they would call it forced liberalization of these societies, that freedom, or liberty would be forced on them, individuals would be forced to live in freedom, rather than having a strong state that would determine how life should be lived in the country or economically, it's not really neoliberalism vs democracy. Neoliberalism vs statism, or authoritarianism. Are we going, to let individuals live their own lives and chart their own courses in life, or are we going to have the state do it for them. That's the choice, the title of the video however is Neoliberalism vs Democracy. As if neoliberalism is anti-democratic, but again what is so-called neoliberalism which I believe is a false term and I'll explain later, but what does neoliberalism actually advocates are liberalizing societies. The economy as well as how people live their personal lives.

Liberalization is about freeing people in what  they can do with their own time and how they live their own lives. And in the privacy of their own homes and what they can say in public and so-forth. So instead of neoliberalism being undemocratic, it's purely democratic in the liberal democratic sense, because that's what it advocates. Progressives (or Social Democrats) idea of liberalism is not really liberalism, but more like democratic socialism, or social democracy. But the social democratic idea of liberalism is that there's a strong centralize state that's there to take care of and look after people with a large welfare state. Where taxes are so high to not only finance this, but to prevent people from making too much money. And to prevent income inequality and that neoliberalism is this idea that we liberalize the economy and society. So people can live their own lives and look out for each other. Rather than the state doing that for them. But again there's that word liberalize which again is a liberal word. Not socialist, social democratic,  or communist, but liberal.

My point being that neoliberalism is actual a form of liberalism, but more from the Right. In the sense that it's about essentially un-regulating markets and total free trade. And where so-called Neo-Liberals and Liberals would disagree is that both factions believe in private markets and private enterprise, Liberals believe in commonsense regulations to protect workers and consumers, but not to run business's and tax them real high. But both sides are strong believers in personal freedom and accountability. Civil liberties, privacy, freedom of choice, etc. Liberalism is the idea of individual freedom and democracy. The freedom for people to live their own lives. Rather than living off of the state, or the state deciding how they can live. Rather than the state being so big and centralized and taxes so high to the point that people rely on it in order to pay their bills and get by. Liberals want people to be able to have the opportunity and freedom to be able to make their own decisions and pay their own way in life. 

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