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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

FRSFreeState: Nancy Pelosi: Why I'm Running Again For House Democratic Leader

So lets see I have this straight, Nancy Pelosi is running for reelection as House Minority Leader because. She believes that women need to continue to be empowered in America, in government and everywhere else. And somehow Leader Pelosi being a women herself obviously, that her keeping this role as the highest ranking women in Congress, House or Senate and either. Party would make it easier for this happen, so what Leader Pelosi is essentially doing is making. Her candidacy for reelection about her gender and thats hopefully not her best case for her being reelected, I don't have. Much doubt that Nancy Pelosi will be reelected as Minority Leader, unless some scandal hits her or House Democrats. Lose in another landslide again and are not only in the minority but buried in the minority where. They need to pickup 50-60 seats to win back the majority, she might be able to remain Leader of the House Democrats. Whether its either as Minority Leader or Speaker as long as she wants, the question is should she or. Are there better candidates for that job right now.

In an election where a President seeking reelection during the worst economy since the Great Depression. Not only gets reelected but by a blowout in the Electoral College and where Senate Democrats who are suppose. To lose their majority, actually pickup seats instead and where there are sixty plus House Tea Party Republicans, who probably have similar views on. Social issues as the Richard Mourdock's, Todd Akin's, Michelle Bachmann's and Rick Santorum's of. The World and House Democrats under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi, Jim Clyburn and Steny Hoyer's. Of the World are bringing up the rear as far as how Democrats did politically and there needs to be consequences for that. Sure you could put some blame on the gerrymandering of some of these House districts but the fact is House Democrats except for the ones who were reelected. And part of that has to do with Democratic gerrymandering as well, aren't connecting very well, House Democrats. When all the votes are counted, are maybe looking at picking up ten seats.

The top three Leaders of the House Democratic Caucus are all over seventy years old and in. Democratic Caucus Chairman John Larson's case, pushing seventy years old,yes they are all. Healthy, vibrant, intelligent people who are still capable of serving their country and so fourth. But thats not the question, the question is are they best people to be running the House Democratic Caucus right now. I would argue with young but veteran House Democrats and Leaders like Chris Van Hollen and Xavier Becerra and a few others. That they aren't and that House Democrats need to look at replacing the current leadership, while they are still in. Position to take back the majority.

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