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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Brookings Institution: Brookings Podcast: Remaking Federalism and Renewing the Economy

If you are someone whose familiar with politics but perhaps not a political junky and you are perhaps. Hearing a term like Federalism, the ultimate inside the beltway term for political junkies, you might think. That the term Federalism is a very Progressive philosophy, Social Democratic even thats puts a lot faith in the Federal Government. To solve the nation's problems and believe in a lot of central control with the Federal Government to solve the problems with. The country something that FDR put together as President in the 1930s and a Federalist is something. That believes in this type of philosophy when actually the opposite is true, a Federalist is actually a Liberal. Or even Conservative term that acknowledges that the country has problems and issues that need to be addressed. And if you are a Conservative you believe these issues are best taken care of by state and local governments. And if you are a Liberal you believe in that as well but that the Federal Government should layout what issues need to be addressed but. Then give the resources and authority to state and local governments to address these issues.

So things like anti poverty programs, the safety net and that sorta thing, if you are a Liberal you. Believe that government even the Federal Government should play a role in addressing these issues, set up programs and even fund them. But then let the states with the money and authority run these programs and if you are a Conservative you believe in giving the power and resources. Of these programs over to the states or eliminating them all together and letting the states and. Locals decide if these programs should be continued or not and Federalism Liberal or Conservative. Would be a great way for the Feds to solve their short and long term deficit and debt issues, because. It would mean they would have less programs to run and be able to cut back on what they do and the states and locals would have more authority and resources to solve these issues.

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