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Sunday, November 11, 2012

ABC News: This Week: Senators Patty Murray, Saxby Chambliss: David Petraeus Scandal & The Fiscal Cliff

Here's a solution for the fiscal cliff and the economy, savings in defense, entitlements, tax reform. But done in a way that doesn't hurt anyone who can't afford it, which means putting in something like a millionaires tax. Where anyone making a million dollars or more, would pay the same tax rate that they are paying today but every dollar over a million dollars. There taxes would go up and those savings would go towards deficit reduction, should be part of this. Agreement because individuals not business's or organizations, making a million dollars or more can. Afford to pay more in taxes right now and then we close expensive and wasteful tax loopholes and cut wasteful subsidies. Like in agriculture and if Congressional Republicans House and Senate were to go along with this, we would then as separate from the deficit reduction package. Would pass a stimulus bill that would include tax cuts that are designed to boost economic growth, that would be equal. To the amount of money that would be raised in new revenue to pay for deficit reduction and Democrats. Would also get new infrastructure investment as well around the country, in Democratic and Republican states and districts and the stimulus package would be paid for as well. But we would pay for the stimulus package as well.

There's a deal to the fiscal cliff, where both Democrats and Republicans can win but also give up something. That would solve the problems and boost economic and job growth here on the table but both sides have to give something as well. Do something they normally wouldn't do because of the politics and they simply don't believe in it and if Republicans come to the table. On new revenue a deal like this would happen.

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