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Monday, October 29, 2012

WCVB-TV News Boston: 1994 Romney-Kennedy US Senate Debate: Whose The Real Mitt Romney?

Whose the real Mitt Romney, thats the question of 2012, because no one may know, including Mitt Romney. Because he keeps bringing out new people and personalities and this is something that I don't believe the Obama Campaign has done a very effective job of exploiting so far. This debate from 1994 should be in campaign commercials all over the swing States, the Obama Campaign should be. Playing an ad like this all over Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina and Florida and then showing a commercial with Secretary Collin Powell endorsing President Obama. And also showing why Secretary Powell endorsed the President, one of those reasons having to do with the fact that Secretary Powell. Doesn't trust Mitt Romney because Governor Romney keeps changing his positions, at times he can't even keep the same position for an entire debate, this debate being a perfect example of that. Where he says Gays shouldn't be discriminated from anything based on their sexuality but in the next sentence says that the Boy Scouts have the right to prevent Gays from serving with them.

Whose the real Mitt Romney, is he someone who had certain positions on key issues 15-20 years and now. Has had second thoughts on them after seeing new information about those issues or is he someone whose multiple choice, takes out a new position to meet the new political realities. Like as it relates to abortion and Gay Rights, I don't believe anyone knows including Mitt himself and thats. The definition of a flip flopper and one reason why Mitt Romney would be dangerous as President of the United States, because Americans wouldn't have a very good idea in who they would be. Getting as their President and could be getting someone who simply changes their positions to meet the new political realities.

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