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Monday, October 29, 2012

The Economist: US Election Latest: A Less Than Perfect Storm

I don't like putting hurricanes in political terms, especially when lives may be lost as a result of Hurricane Sandy. But this storm could benefit or hurt President Obama and more likely help President Obama, because he and his Administration have shown in the past that they know how to deal. With bad storms, Hurricane Irene in 2011 is an excellent example of that and this could be another opportunity for the President to look Presidential similar to when it comes to Foreign Policy. Issues that only a President can deal with, this is a storm that really can't benefit Mitt Romney other then using the opportunity to visit areas that are affected by the storm and reaching out. To those voters.

Economist Magazine released a poll today that suggested that we are heading for a split election, meaning that one candidate wins the Popular Vote and the other wins the Electoral College. In a split like that, the candidate who wins the Electoral College wins the Presidential Election, The Economist right now has President Obama winning the Electoral College. And Mitt Romney winning the Popular Vote.

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