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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

National Geographic: Taboo: Modern Chain Gang

I'm all for putting inmates to work, thats exactly what we should be doing as a country, that just because. You've been convicted of breaking the law and in most cases guilty of the crime, that doesn't mean you get to live off of tax payers for free for your entire incarceration. That inmates should be using that time to not only be productive for the prison they are incarcerated at. But for themselves, so they can prepare themselves for life on the outside, so they don't end up back in prison but also productive for society, doing things that can help communities, like doing. Public Works in these works programs, I'm just not crazy about Chain Gangs, that takes us back to the early 20th Century and 19th Century and there are ways we can put our inmates to work thats. More humane and more productive for everyone involved.

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