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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The New York Times: Presidential Debate 2012: Romey Vs Obama, First Impressions

I'm going to write a two part blog about how I feel about this debate, first part will be on FreeState. Which will be about how I felt President Obama did tonight, the second part will be about Governor Romney and how I feel Mitt did tonight, which you can see on my sister blog, The site address is also on this site on my blog list.

Going into this debate I thought President Obama had to be prepared and not take Governor Romney lightly. And treat him like the intelligent man that he is, whose also a very skilled debater, as we saw in the Republican Primaries, not get stuck on defense or run the ball three times and punt. Not to run out the clock and I promise thats my last sports analogy, for this post, check back with me later. All you sports fans out there in blog land, the early reactions are that President Obama looked flat and angry, that he had somewhere else he wanted to be and perhaps thats true. It his wedding anniversary tonight and I'm sure he preferred to be with his beautiful wife, rather then. With Mitt Romney, who wouldn't as far as I'm concern, the President did look rusty but he didn't get stuck on defense and he wasn't trying to run out the clock but he did miss some opportunities. To punch Mitt Romney and didn't take them, for example on healthcare, Mitt labeling the Affordable Care Act, "Obamacare", the President did say that his plan was based on Governor Romney's. Plan in Massachusetts, he could've made the point that "Obamacare", was designed around "Romneycare" and so fourth and thats just one example, the President held too many punches. I know I said no more sports references.

President Obama had an opportunity to again sorry but score a knockout punch, that would've at least. Opened up such a big wound on Governor Romney, that Mitt wouldn't of been able to come back from, had the President came out as the clear winner tonight, the GOP starts pulling money out. Of the Romney Campaign and transfers that money to Congressional Republicans, Republicans in tight House and Senate Races, Mitt has made so many gaffes and flip flops and so fourth, and President Obama. Didn't hit him on any of them, I though the President did a good job however of explaining why this election is a choice, what he wants to do and is in favor of and draw the contrast from what. Governor Romney has said he wants to do and has laid out, at least on his website but left, again too many points on the field, drive the ball down the field and not get. Into the end zone, the President seemed to have this counter puncher approach and was waiting for mistakes from Mitt Romney.

Did Governor Romney win this debate, yes at least on style points, he bought himself some time to. Convince Americans why he should be President and not President Obama but was his performance a game changer, where the President enters the debate with a clear lead and leaves with. A deficit or we now have a tie, no but we'll see in the next few days what the polls look like, this debate to me looked like Bush-Kerry 2004, where John Kerry got himself back in the race. But where President Bush was still ahead in the race afterwords, rhis debate doesn't look like 1980 with me, where we basically had a tied race and Ron Reagan emerged as a clear favorite.

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