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Sunday, October 28, 2012

FRSFreeState: ABC News: This Week: Roundtable: Battle for the US Senate

Going into 2012, Senate Democrats had 23-33 seats up for reelection and with a tight Presidential Election. That was expected and with Senate Republicans only needing to pickup 3-4 seats to win back the Senate for the first time since 2004, they lost the Senate in 2006, the odds of Senate Republican Leader. Mitch McConnell becoming the Senate Leader in the next Congress were looking pretty good, especially with at least ten Democratic seats looking they were in play but as politics. Goes its not just a matter of your political affiliation but who the actual candidates are, especially in a swing State like Indiana or Missouri that vote for both Democrats and Republicans. The reason why Senate Republicans are now in a dog fight to not only win back the Senate but to hold on to seats that looked fairly safe at least going in, is because of the candidates. They put up for the Democratic seats, people who look like now they have no business being in Congress, House or Senate and say such strange things, like suggesting that certain rapes are. Legitimate like Todd Akin in Missouri or that babies being born out of a rape is a blessing from God, like Richard Mourdock in Indiana, have put new life in Democratic Senator Claire Mckaskill. In Missouri and now a safe seat in Indiana thanks to Richard Mourdock is now in play for Senate Democrats to pickup.

Thanks to the own candidates that Senate Republicans have put up, what looked like a safe bet for Senate Republicans. Going into 2012 for Senate Republicans to win back the Senate, is now leaning Democratic for Senate Democrats to win back, Senate Democrats will probably hold on to Florida, Ohio. Virginia, New York, and other States and Missouri will probably be headed their way as well and all because of the people that Senate Republicans will put up. And it looks like now for Senate Republicans to win back the Senate, Mitt Romney will probably have to win the Presidential Election. But even if Governor Romney is elected President, Senate Democrats still have a realistic chance of holding onto the Senate with a smaller lead but Senate Democrats right now have. Opportunities to pickup Nevada with Shelly Berkley, Indiana with Joe Donnelly and Arizona as well, because the Republicans in those States aren't running as strong as they should be.

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