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Friday, October 26, 2012

Foreign Affairs: Rolf Ekeus & Milfred Braut- Hegghammer: Don't Go Baghdad on Tehran

Don't Go Baghdad on Tehran: In the run-up to the Iraq War, diplomacy and weapons inspections became a means to an end: building a casus belli. That was a mistake then, and it is becoming one now, too. FRSFreeState: Of course all options except for one, have to be on the table when dealing with the Islamic Republic of Iran. And that includes military strikes and even an invasion, the only option that I would exclude would be the United States unilaterally. Invading Iran a large country about the size of Saudi Arabia physically but with three times as many people, roughly 75M people America simply doesn't have the. Resources to occupy such a large country with that many people but when it comes to Iran's WMD or lets says quest to become the second Nuclear Power in the Middle East. All options have to be used before we even contemplate striking Iran to take out their WMD, which means sanctions and even aiding whatever Democratic Opposition that remains. In Iran and hoping at one point they would be strong to take on the IR and bring down this Theocratic Regime and hopefully it would fall peacefully like in Egypt or. If necessary a group of Iranian Rebels could fight back against the Islamic Regime themselves.

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